AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… Public Works

Customer Spotlight

By Leslie Feldman

In this series of curated AutoCAD® customer success stories hosted on Line//Shape//Space, an Autodesk®-supported website, we focus on the projects and the people, not the software. Edifying and entertaining? Check! Skills building? Not so much. Today’s community-minded stories are typical.

One project goes down to find an opportunity where no one else thought to look. Another looks up and way out, across a mile-wide valley and several continents.

AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… Public Works


Turn abandoned trolley-car turnaround into a subterranean park. AutoCAD customer success story.

An abandoned trolley-car turnaround beneath New York’s Williamsburg bridge. Hmmm. Of course! Make it a park!

Bouregreg River bridge in Morocco. AutoCAD customer success story.

Partner with five companies on three continents to build Africa’s longest cable-stayed bridge. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

AutoCAD Customer Success: The Adventure Continues….

This is the fourth in a series of curated AutoCAD customer success stories hosted on Line//Shape//Space. Earlier in the tour, I pointed you to…

Next up: AutoCAD customers achieve success with… you’ll just have to come back next week to see.

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