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Roundup: The AutoCAD Web App at Google I/O 2018

Have you tried out the new AutoCAD web app yet? With no install required, you can edit your drawings from anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser. We happen to think it’s pretty neat, but we were blown away by the response we got when we were featured at Google I/O 2018.

The Google I/O Presentations

Want a better understanding of WebAssembly, the cutting-edge browser technology behind the AutoCAD web app? Check out the mainstage talk:

And don’t forget to watch as Marcus O’Brien, AutoCAD Senior Product Line Manager, talks about how AutoCAD used this technology to make the leap to the web:

The Web Responds

We know we have something special here, and we were proud to discover that so many people agreed! Here are a few of the comments we saw on Twitter:

More on the AutoCAD Web App

Don’t forget, the AutoCAD web and mobile apps are part of your subscription entitlement! Feeling curious? Check out now. You can also help us prioritize what comes next by givingusfeedback or chiming in in the AutoCADwebappcommunity.

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