Autodesk Brings Core Desktop Engine of AutoCAD to iPad

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By The AutoCAD Team

AutoCAD was featured at Apple’skeynoteevent in Brooklyn, New York, where Apple introduced the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

“For the first time, Autodesk will be bringing the desktop engine of AutoCAD to the iPad. This will allow customers to view and edit files that contain hundreds of thousands of objects that you see here with performance as fast as the fastest PCs.”

Why is this so exciting? The AutoCAD mobile app is leveraging the same core engine that drives the AutoCAD desktop application. So it feels just like the real desktop version of AutoCAD on iPad Pro because it is AutoCAD.

Users expect accuracy and high fidelity whether they are working at their desk or on the go. They need to create in the digital world, but develop in the physical world.

AutoCAD on iPad

Autodesk will continue being very thoughtful and selective about features it offers mobile users.

“We develop features only once and then decide which ones we offer to our mobile users based on their feedback,” says Marcus O’Brien, senior product line manager, AutoCAD. “It’s a seamless, cohesive experience for our users with tools that matter to them.”

Autodesk will continue to design AutoCAD for leading hardware on the market across multiple platforms. The goal is for customers to be able to open and edit any DWG file or CAD drawing from any device on any platform. This extends workflows by granting access to AutoCAD from anywhere.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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    Does this mean will have access to all AutoCAD commands while in the field and be able to load Architecte onto the Ipad with the A12X CPU? I upgraded my iPad for this purpose after the announcement. Also upgraded to AutoCAD 2019. I was disappointed to see that the AutoCAD available from the play store is the exact name one as available for the older Ipad's and Android tablets with VERY limited drawing creation and editing abilities. It does not feel or look like the desktop version of AutoCAD as mentioned above. I want the ability to create Walls, doors, and windows in the field with AutoCAD Architecture and taking laser measurements.

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