Autodesk CAD Manager Center: How to Communicate with IT. Resistance is Futile. And Counterproductive.

CAD Management

By Leslie Feldman

The CAD and IT worlds are converging—about one-third of CAD managers now report into a corporate IT infrastructure—and it’s high time you stop being a stranger in a strange land. Trust your guide, Cadalyst columnist Robert Green, to make it so.

In last’s week post, How to Go From CAD Manager to CIO, Robert described how you could reach the top IT job at your company by building a bridge on the foundation of your current skillset. This week we dial it back a bit.

Tips for CAD managers when communicating with IT

CIO may not be every CAD manager’s dream job. But all CAD managers have to know how to function productively in tandem with their IT partners.

Read Tips for CAD managers when communicating with IT.

This article was developed by the editors of Cadalyst—purveyor of information, advice, and tips for CAD managers and users—and is published in the Autodesk CAD Manager Center with permission of the publisher.

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CAD managers and IT personnel find common ground. Autodesk CAD Manager Center.

You might think IT folks are different from you and me. You might be right. Now what?


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