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Best of AU Videos: Learn How to Use Specialized Toolsets Included with AutoCAD

Heather Miller
May 15, 2019

No matter the project—whether it’s mechanical or electrical or for a plant or a new home—AutoCAD includes all of the functionality of specialized toolsets for you to get the job done.

At Autodesk University 2018, several classes and labs took a deep dive to explore the power of AutoCAD and the toolsets. Have a look and see what productivity gains and features you may be missing (and are now at your fingertips!)

Using AutoCAD Toolsets: To Infinity and Beyond!

Quentin Contreras and Volker Cocco of the AutoCAD team start at the very beginning in this instructional demo that introduces all seven specialized toolsets. Learn how to access and install toolsets; determine which toolsets best fit your needs; and discover features to improve your productivity.

You can take a look at the video here.

Wielding the Power of One AutoCAD Toolsets: Utilize Toolsets Content and Standards

In this session, Autodesk’s Vinod Kumar Balasubramanian and Sridhar Subramani explore how to use a variety of specialized toolsets. This includes how to use standard content in the Architecture toolset; how to create a Bill of Materials in the Mechanical toolset; and using wiring diagrams and reporting and with the Electrical toolset.

To kick off this introduction to the toolsets, check out the video here.

Introduction to specialized toolsets AutoCAD

2D Detailing in AutoCAD Architecture Toolset

Take part in this hands on lab from the comfort of your home or office. Bill Johnson covers an overview of the Architecture toolset—specifically the details feature—and you’ll learn how to make your own custom detail components.

“Learn how easy it is to make your own details from within the Details interface without having to manually create or edit complicated XML files,” he writes. “Once we make a custom detail component, we’ll use AutoCAD software’s native Annotation Scaling tools to complete a real-world detail. This lab will help you supercharge your detailing productivity.”

Don’t miss this deep dive into the Architecture toolset, and you can find it here.

Looking for more Autodesk University videos? Check out the entire series here.



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