Best of AutoCAD Tuesday Tips 2019

Best AutoCAD Tuesday Tips 2019

For years, the AutoCAD blog’s Tuesday Tips has always been a fan favorite. 2019 was no exception to that fact. With a slew of new tips, advice, and options, we’re always looking to uncover those nuggets that will make your day-to-day life easier and more efficient. Here are just a few of the most popular posts over the past year.

Fields – Make Your Text Smarter

We were thrilled to welcome CAD Intentions’ Brandon Loehr as a Tuesday Tips contributor this year. And he kicked off 2019 with a great tip. Don’t miss this step-by-step, easy way to make your text and drawings smarter with AutoCAD Fields.

Spring AutoCAD Cleaning

When spring has sprung, it’s only natural to do a little spring cleaning—even with AutoCAD. Frank Mayfield shares some great tips for AutoCAD cleaning and decluttering your files and workspace for better productivity.

AutoCAD purge

Breaking the Rules With Hatch Gap Tolerance in AutoCAD

According to Frank Mayfield, some AutoCAD rules are meant to be broken! He shares a hidden workaround to the traditional rule that you must have a closed boundary in order to HATCH. Learn all about how to use Gap Tolerance in AutoCAD.

Understanding Linetypes and Linetype Scaling

If you’re using AutoCAD, then you’re using linetypes. In this Tuesday Tip, Seth Cohen discusses the variables and settings that are important to understand when working with linetypes and linetype scaling.

Layer Properties Manager AutoCAD

Why You Should BURST Your EXPLODE Bubble

Brandon Loehr shared another great tip and video about the BURST command versus EXPLODE. You might be EXPLODING too much—and not BURSTING enough!

You’re in Control With Selection Cycling in AutoCAD

Hey, you know what you’re trying to select, so don’t let AutoCAD decide for you. Frank Mayfield shares how to turn on Selection Cycling in AutoCAD and take control of your entity selections.

Selection Cycling icon AutoCAD

Keyboard Tricks

We all love a little bit of magic. Luckily for us, Frank Mayfield doesn’t live by a magician’s code of secretive silence. In this Tuesday Tips, he shares some great keyboard tricks in AutoCAD.

More Tuesday Tips

Check out our whole Tuesday Tips series for ideas on how to make AutoCAD work for you. Do you have any favorite AutoCAD tips? Tell us in the comments!

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