Becoming a Master of Sheet Sets: How to Create Custom Properties in AutoCAD

Create Custom Properties in AutoCAD

In the previous post of our Sheet Set series, we discussed how to assign sheet set properties. Now it’s time to take a look at how to create custom properties in AutoCAD.

The Sheet Set Manager enables you to define custom properties to use as fields in your drawings. You can define custom properties that apply to the entire sheet set or vary per sheet. For example, you might create custom properties for the project name and project number. When you enter values for those properties, you want them to apply to every sheet in the sheet set. Additionally, you might create custom properties indicating who created or reviewed a particular sheet. For those properties, you want the values to vary by sheet.

1. In the Sheet Set Manager, on the Sheet List tab, right-click on the sheet set title and choose Properties.

2. In the Sheet Set Properties window, choose Edit Custom Properties.

Edt Custom Properties AutoCAD Sheet Sets

3. In the Custom Properties dialog box, choose Add.

4. In the Add Custom Property dialog box, enter the name, default value and owner for your custom property and repeat the process for each property you want to create.

The following image shows examples of some typical custom properties that you may wish to create. Notice that the information which applies to the entire sheet set (i.e. project name, total sheets, etc.) is owned by the sheet set and the information that might vary from sheet to sheet is owned by the Sheet. You can enter a default value for any of the custom properties. For example, if most of your projects are for a particular client, you might enter that client name and address in the default values. If the values for those properties always change, you can leave the “value” value as a default or, better yet, enter meaningful data so that when you insert these properties as fields, the field value will help assure you that you’ve selected the proper field.

Custom Properties AutoCAD

After you create your custom sheet set properties, you can insert them as fields in your drawings. You can use them anywhere that you can insert a field but the most obvious use for these custom properties is in your title block.

What’s Next?

As you move further down the path to becoming a sheet set master, we’ll discuss how to create new sheets in the next article. Remember, you can always catch up on the entire Mastering AutoCAD Sheet Sets series!

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  1. Avatar

    Hi Heather, Thanks for sharing your Sheet Set knowledge. For me the Sheet Sets are the way to work with layouts in Vault. Any chance you post a blog about mapping Sheet Set properties to Vault? Many thanks in advance, Arjen

    1. Heather Miller
      Heather Miller

      Thanks for the suggestion! I'll share this with the editorial team.

  2. ChrisRS

    Nice series. Thank you. SSM Custom properties seem to b the only data repository that AutoCAD provides to make information available to multiple drawings. The custom properties can be used dynamically linked to fields, but it is a one way link. It would be great to populate SSM Custom properties with object data and have it stay dynamic. For example, the cover sheet of you grading plan needs to show a lot coverage table. Lot area is the area of a closed poly line in the "plat" dwg. polline

    1. ChrisRS

      My previous comment got sent prematurely ... "Lot Area" is the area of a closed polyline in the "Plat" dwg "Building Area" is the area of a closed polyline in the "Building" dwg "Allowable" is SSM custom property. If I malually set "Lot Area" while in the "Plat" dwg and manually set "building area in the "Building" dwg, all of the information is available in SSM to create a lot coverage table: A1: Lot area = (field) A2: Building area = (field) A3: Coverage = (A2/A1*100)% A4: Allowable = (field) This works well, but when the architect changes the building foo print someone needs to manually update the SSM custom property. It would be great if this was able to be a dynamic link.

  3. kmitchell@MH

    Where are posts 2, 3, and 4 of the series? They don't show up in the (reverse-order) list on my screen.

    1. Leah E. Friedman
      Leah E. Friedman

      Hi there! We've fixed this bug and all tagged posts should be showing up here now. You may have to clear your cache.

    2. Leah E. Friedman
      Leah E. Friedman

      I'm looking into why they aren't showing up (they are tagged), but in the meantime, here are parts 2, 3 and 4.

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