Everybody Has a Favorite: AutoCAD Team Shares Picks for Best Product Features


By Heather Miller

Let’s admit it. Everybody has a favorite AutoCAD feature—even the members of the AutoCAD team! Here, they share what they find as some of the most indispensable features.

“My favorite AutoCAD feature is dynamic blocks. They totally rock, and it’s been amazing to see the creativity that our users have demonstrated putting the feature to good use.” – John Beltran, Senior Software Architect

AutoCAD® dynamic block creation. AutoCAD recorded classes from Autodesk University 2015.

“3D surface modeling holds a special place in my heart because I worked on it. It was a project that went from something that did not exist to something users could legitimately design with.” – Daniel Kuhmann, QA Manager

“Automation and customization features that were built in from a very early stage, so that we were able to create a lot of value by cultivating an ecosystem of apps developed by the community.” – Steve Berkeley, Software Development Manager

“I really like the simple share feature. It allows me to quickly share my work with someone that doesn’t have AutoCAD. The web experience is sleek and well-designed too. I love when the software itself is visually compelling and demonstrates that we belong to a community of designers and makers.” – Dania El Hassan, Product Manager

“Very hard to answer! I’m going to go with Layers because I’ve done so much work on them over the years and they really give AutoCAD SO MUCH POWER!” – Karen Mason, Experience Designer

“I really like the ability to draw in isometric view.” – Elad Lebovtich, Senior Manager, AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD Layers view. Hitchhiker's guide to basics of AutoCAD layers.“The smart pen in AutoCAD 360.” – Ivon Yamin, Software Engineer

“Point Cloud. I worked on this feature for about five releases since the first version was introduced in AutoCAD.” –Michael Xu, Software Engineer

Dimensions. Used them for years, tested them for years, they’ve become a part of me.” – Chris Miller, Principal SQA Engineer

Do you have a pick for the best AutoCAD feature? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. Mycadid1

    There are so many great features, it is hard to decide. I would have to say the command line features are my favorite. Because of the enhanced abilities of the command line, I am able to search and input commands easily without having to use my mouse to frantically search the different menus. This is especially important when starting out and you don't know where everything is yet (I still don't). To go along with this, the ability to create simple keyboard shortcuts and command aliases that are easy to remember, greatly enhances the user experience, which boosts their efficacy and efficiency! Thank you to everyone at AutoCAD! :)

    1. Heather Miller
      Heather Miller

      Thanks for the comment and sharing your favorites. We agree that it can be hard to choose!

  2. l1027552

    Obviously it's hard to pin point just one, but I choose the ability to create stl files. After spending years to get familiar with Autocad, I was amazed that it still had one more surprise when I got into 3d printing. The fact that I don't have to learn all the quirks and tricks of another tool to create files for my 3d printer is so nice.

    1. Heather Miller
      Heather Miller

      That's great!

  3. Avatar

    There are two favorites that many people need to use every day. That's "Audit" to fix errors and clean the drawing of bad objects in the drawing that can slow down your Autocad. And "Purge" to get rid of unused objects, blocks, linetypes, ect. that can also slow down Autocad and even crash it in some cases. Two pet peeves that keeps your drawing clean and running smooth.

    1. Heather Miller
      Heather Miller

      Thanks for sharing this!

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