Have You Tried: Hatch and Hatch Editing


By Lee Ambrosius

Many people apply hatches to their design drawings daily, but habits form and new features get overlooked. The “Have You Tried” article this month shifts focus a bit to be more of a “Did You Know” article to mix things up a bit before the start of a new year. Many of the techniques discussed in this article are based on some of the highest searched keywords and comments related to the Hatch feature.

The Hatch Creation and Hatch Editor ribbon tabs provide access to many options, but not all options are visible by default making them easy to miss. Here are some of the hatch-related options people often search or have questions about:

  • Separate a hatch object with multiple areas into individual hatch objects
  • Change the angle and scale of hatch patterns
  • Set the hatch origin to control where lines in a pattern start
  • Control the draw order in which new hatch objects are created

Hatch Editing in AutoCAD

Learn how to apply and edit hatch in a closed area by following the step-by-step examples in the HaveYouTried:HatchandHatchEditingtopic.

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    Can you describe application, when a user would change the default center origin of a hatch pattern. I see your example illustration with the brick wall above. The noticeable contrast is the realistic aesthetics of the pattern inside the boundary in the right image. When a user is changing the origin, are they adjusting the graphical illustration to look more realistic.

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