Have You Tried: Access Drawings on the Go With the AutoCAD Mobile App


By Lee Ambrosius

Have you ever wanted to verify a dimension while out on the job site or make a quick change to a drawing during a client meeting? If so, the AutoCAD mobile app might be the right tool for you. The AutoCAD mobile app is a drafting tool that lets you view, create, and edit CAD drawings and DWG files on the go from your smartphone or tablet—anytime, anywhere.

You can open drawing files with the mobile app that has been:

  • Saved to AutoCAD Web & Mobile
  • Uploaded to a supported third-party cloud storage provider
  • Attached to an email

autocad & autocad mobile app

Learn more about how to get started using the AutoCAD mobile app by following the step-by-step examples in the HaveYouTried:AccessDrawingswiththeAutoCADmobileapp.


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