Have You Tried: AutoCAD Dimensioning


By Lee Ambrosius

How familiar are you with the functionality of AutoCAD’s DIM command? Let’s take a look in this month’s edition of Have You Tried.

AutoCAD’s Dimensioning Tools

Most drawings include explanatory annotation such as text or dimensions to describe design features. While annotation isn’t typically considered part of the design, it specifies the requirements for how the final product is to be manufactured or built.

Drafting standards and rules are well established and an experienced person will quickly apply them to communicate intent with one exception—the time it takes to switch between AutoCAD dimensioning tools.

In AutoCAD 2017, the typical workflow of switching commands to place different types of dimensions was dramatically improved with the DIM command. You can now quickly dimension the hypothetical design below within a single command.

AutoCAD Dimensioning

Dimensioning has become a mode of operation that enables you to focus on creating one dimension after another without interruption, possibly cutting the time it takes by half.

Learn how the improved DIM command can streamline your dimensioning workflow by following the step-by-step examples in the HaveYouTried:AcceleratedDimensioning topic.

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