Have You Tried: AutoCAD Groups


By Lee Ambrosius

Have you ever needed to perform multiple operations on the same objects or wanted to create a relationship between several objects without creating a block? Check out the AutoCAD Group feature.

AutoCAD Groups

The Group feature allows you to quickly create temporary object associations. When objects are grouped together, selecting one object in the group results in all objects being selected but each object can still be modified individually unlike a standard block.

Have You Tried: AutoCAD Groups

You can learn how to create and work with groups by following the step-by-step examples in the Have You Tried: Groups topic.

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  1. ramcharger318

    I like using groups, but sometimes in a large file (20,000 objects +) in order to make a selection set of the objects I have to add an known object, then select the object, which then highlights the group, then change the PICKSTYLE variable, deselect the recently added object. If I go into the group manager, and highlight the group, no objects are visible.

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