Have You Tried: AutoCAD Layer States


By Lee Ambrosius

For this installment of our Have You Tried series, let’s take a look at AutoCAD layer states.

A layer state is like a snapshot of the existing layers and layer settings at the time the layer state is created.  You can turn layers off, freeze layers, and change the properties of other layers. When you’re done making the layer changes, save the layer state making it easy to return to the layer settings. You can also export the layer state and import it to another drawing.

In this Have You Tried, we’ll go over:

  • Saving layer states
  • Restoring a layer state
  • Exporting and importing a layer state
  • Editing a layer state
Restore Layer State AutoCAD

Learn how to use AutoCAD layer states with the step-by-step examples in the Have You Tried: Layer States topic.

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    Use Layer States every day! They sure would be a lot more useful if the ribbon drop-down and lisp functions were able to recognize the settings set in the Layer States dialog box. For example the only way to use a layer state for a handful of layers without turning off every other layer in the drawing is with the Layer States dialog box even though the setting is stored in the Windows registry. Great but very limited functionality that could easily be fixed with a system or environmental variable or two. Having them set the current layer would be better as an option as well.