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Introducing the AutoCAD 35 Under 35 Young Designers List

Leah E. Friedman
April 6, 2017

In December, the AutoCAD team will officially celebrate 35 years of software created to help you design the world from the ground up. Inspired by our past and engineered for the future, AutoCAD is here to make sure you have the tools you need to build anything you can imagine. Our software has been instrumental in designing some of the world’s most beautiful, groundbreaking, and innovative products and buildings, and now we’re looking forward to seeing how the next generation of creators uses it. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce the AutoCAD 35 Under 35 young designers list.

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The First Five

Join us as we fête today’s top young AutoCAD customers, a group that includes architects, engineers, artists, project managers, and makers from all over the world.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Jort Heijen

Jort Heijen, 30, founder and designer of Red Layer Guitars (Netherlands)

When Jort went looking for a new career, he found that AutoCAD gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion: not only are his guitars designed with our software, the company name comes from the red layer in AutoCAD.


AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Fabiola Morcillo

Fabiola Morcillo (aka 1989), 27, surrealist pop artist and digital designer (Chile)

Since 2014, Fabiola has created simple architectural drawings using AutoCAD. The interior spaces of these images show a world of possibilities of digital design. Using the techniques of old school drawing like isometrics graphics, she takes us to a fantasy world of pop design.

AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Kristin DiStefano

Kristin DiStefano, 31, large construction project manager with Richter+Ratner (USA)

An AutoCAD-using civil engineer and project manager, in 2016, Kristin completed the expansion of the prominent Xavier High School in Manhattan. She served as the project manager for the highly complex and logistically challenging six-story, 40,000-sq.-ft. addition to the century old school.


35 Under 35: Brandon Loehr

Brandon Loehr, 31, civil designer, AutoCAD evangelist, and founder of (Canada)

Over the last five years, Brandon’s blog (CADIntentions) and YouTube channel have been instrumental in helping the public keep up with new tech and trends in the CAD design world, reaching more than 3 million views.


AutoCAD 35 Under 35: Sarah Rosenblatt

Sarah Rosenblatt, 29, historical preservation architect at Murphy Burnham & Buttrick (USA)

Sarah was part of the team that led the restoration of historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral in midtown Manhattan. The 3-year, $177M project involved the careful conservation of all interior and exterior building fabric, as well as new a geothermal mechanical system – with AutoCAD integral to every stage of the project.

We’ll be announcing the rest of our list in the coming months. Keep watching this space for more on how these innovators are contributing to the future of making things, and how they’re using AutoCAD to do it.

Inspired by their stories? Tell us how you’re using AutoCAD!



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Leah E. Friedman

Leah E. Friedman is an AutoCAD Content Marketing Manager here at Autodesk, and she truly loves being part of a company that makes software for fellow creatives. A Bay Area resident originally from Philadelphia, she justifies supporting the Warriors by constantly pointing out that they also started out in the City of Brotherly Love.