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Your March CADness Champion: LINE

Leah E. Friedman
April 5, 2017

Congratulations are in order for LINE, your 2017 March CADness champion. Let’s take a look at the unexpectedly easy road to the championship for this newly crowned king of the commands.

March CADness 2017: Line Pennant

How We Got Here

Let’s face it, LINE turned out to have some pretty ineffective competition. We had originally called out this first round duel as one to look out for, saying “This rivalry goes back to the days of Euclid, but LINE’s been on fire since the introduction of angles. On the other hand, we think CIRCLE has a fighting chance, thanks to the beautiful OMNIA Nightclub circular chandelier designed by Tait Towers.” LINE ended up slaughtering CIRCLE by 60 percentage points!

March CADness 2017: LINE vs CIRCLE

In fact, it was never even close after that. Take a look at the subsequent rounds:

March CADness 2017: OFFSET vs LINE

March CADness 2017: LINE vs ROTATE

March CADness 2017: LINE vs UNDO

In the championship match, when LINE went up against COPY, we here on the AutoCAD team remarked, “It’s gotta be LINE, right? Without something on there, using COPY might as well be like multiplying by zero.” Sure enough, we were proven right:

March CADness 2017: LINE vs COPY

The Raw Stats

  • 32 commands
  • 31 matches
  • 7178 votes cast
  • 1 winner

The Final Bracket

March CADNess 2017 Bracket - Final

So there you have it: the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. That’s it for March CADness 2017, and on behalf of everyone on the AutoCAD team, thank you for being a part of it.



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Leah E. Friedman

Leah E. Friedman is an AutoCAD Content Marketing Manager here at Autodesk, and she truly loves being part of a company that makes software for fellow creatives. A Bay Area resident originally from Philadelphia, she justifies supporting the Warriors by constantly pointing out that they also started out in the City of Brotherly Love.

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