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  • Training Tips AutoCAD
    You have a training program, but is it performing as well as you need it to? From retaining and hiring new employees to meet workload demands, pressures abound. If ever there was a time a more effective training program could benefit your teams, this is that time! Unfortunately, for many, a “more successful training program” […]

  • View Transitions in AutoCAD
    As a veteran AutoCAD user (this year marks 36 years!) I always have a few settings I change whenever I open a new version for the first time. Among my usual suspects are PICKBOX, OSMODE, and CURSORSIZE. I’ll also open the Palettes I like and anchor them in my preferred positions, left or right. But […]

  • AutoCAD view with name
    For this Have You Tried, we’re going to give names to AutoCAD views. A view consists of a specific magnification, location, and orientation that you can save and assign a name. This is called a named view. Named views make it easy to return to a specific view of the drawing at any time. Specific layer visibility […]

  • Corporate Training 2022
    At Autodesk University 2017, I presented a class titled “Overcoming the Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Training Programs” with Jason Kunkel. Despite truly being just five years ago, the workplace is a very different place today than it was then. From where we work to how we work and even when we work, many of […]

  • AutoCAD tips 2021
    We want to start off by saying, “Thank You.” Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the articles we have delivered so far. We look forward to delivering many more “Have You Tried” articles over the next year. January often marks a time to reflect on the past year and look […]

  • AutoCAD Navigational Options Feature
    While teaching a beginners AutoCAD class a while back, I was demonstrating the various navigation methods we perform with the wheel on our mouse. I won’t even describe them here since they’ve become so ingrained into our daily workflow. But it got me thinking… back when I was a beginner, we didn’t have those scroll […]

  • Accessing Data from Clipboard in AutoCAD
    This month’s Have You Tried is all about copying data into AutoCAD using the clipboard. The clipboard can be a convenient way to create a table from a spreadsheet that contains a door and window schedule. In addition, the clipboard can be used to copy objects and geometry between drawings and layouts, or outside of […]

  • AutoCAD Layer Walk
    After a brief time away, I’m happy to be back on select Tuesdays to bring you some of my favorite AutoCAD tips. Have you ever been sent a drawing from an outside firm only to feel a bit lost when you open it? It looks nice enough, lots of colors and it seems to be […]

  • AutoCAD upgrade
    Historically, Autodesk releases a new version of AutoCAD each year and an update in between. Depending on your firm’s size, its number of offices, and other firm-specific factors, you’ll likely choose to plan your next upgrade around one of these events. Of course, in many ways, the decision to upgrade is the easy part. The […]