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  • Action Macro Feature Image
    We have an amazing time-saver for you this month: action macros. If you use AutoCAD commands and system variables, you can record action macros. And the best part about using action macros is there’s no programming knowledge needed. All you need is the AutoCAD knowledge you already have. Imagine creating an action macro to simplify […]

  • AutoCAD Process Assessment Step 4 Feature
    Now, we’ve reached our last installment of a four-part series on conducting a process assessment of AutoCAD workflows and procedures. Finally, after bringing structure to a disorganized mountain of information as discussed in Step 3, the final step is to present and communicate what was found. While the meat of such an exercise is undoubtedly […]

  • AutoCAD Process Assessment Feature Step 3 Information
    If you’re just joining us, this post is part three of a four-part series on conducting a process assessment of AutoCAD workflows and procedures. Recapping what we’ve discussed so far, part one of our series focused on the importance of planning. Specifically, how to identify and define the objectives of your assessment. After establishing our […]

  • AutoCAD 2022 webinar
    UPDATE: If you missed the live event, never fear! You can still see the entire on-demand webinar. Join our upcoming live webinar to discover all the benefits of AutoCAD 2022! Jaclyn Dab and Nishant Naik of the AutoCAD team will show you how AutoCAD 2022 leverages data to enhance your productivity with insights, streamlined drawing […]

  • AutoCAD Process Assessment Information Collection Feature
    In part one of our series on conducting a process assessment for AutoCAD, we talked about the importance of beginning with a plan. Central to that plan was none other than defining your objectives. The goal in defining your objectives is to determine where you’re going to look—not what you’re looking for. When doing such […]

  • AutoCAD Process Assessment Step 1
    Arguably the most significant risk of any CAD manager isn’t what they do know but rather what they don’t know. We can plan and build strategies around what we know, but we can only react to the things we don’t know. And while this is an easy reality to recognize, the more demanding thing is […]

  • Web and Mobile Cross Collaboration Tools in AutoCAD
    Let’s talk about collaboration. For the Have You Tried series installment this month, we’ll cover the most efficient ways to use the collaboration tools built into AutoCAD desktop and the AutoCAD web and mobile apps.  Clients can view your designs from a browser in the AutoCAD web app without having to install additional software.  And if […]

  • AutoCAD IOM Feature
    September 28th is the International Day for Universal Access to Information. To celebrate this day, Autodesk is drawing attention to the ways humanitarian workers create transformative solutions when they can access cutting-edge design and engineering technology. Everyday innovators around the world use Autodesk technology to advance a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable world. Autodesk’s Technology […]

  • AutoCAD classes events AU 2021
    It’s almost time! Autodesk University 2021 begins on October 5. It’s a completely free, digital conference—and there’s plenty of awesome AutoCAD sessions and events to attend. Be sure to register first to start building your schedule. And if you can’t make a class, never fear! All classes will be on demand for you afterward. Here’s […]