• How To: Annotate in AutoCAD Mobile
    You’ve got your tablet, you’ve got your smart pen, so why wait until you get back to the office to annotate your drawing? If you have the AutoCAD mobile app in the field with you, you can mark up as much or as little as you need. Read on to find out how Heidi Hewett […]

  • Annotations
    Annotations can take up so much of your drawing time – let’s try to shorten that time as much as possible!  This week, we’re focusing on Associative Centerlines and Center Marks, and Text Edit. Associative Centerlines
and Center Marks Centerlines and Center Marks now have a higher IQ!  Thanks to their new associativity – they know […]

  • Annotations in AutoCAD 5
    Nearly all of our AutoCAD drawings require annotations – and some great features have been added into AutoCAD to make them easier than ever. Join me as we cover some of the handy tools that will help you get those annotations done as quickly as possible! Smart Dimensioning Let’s face it – nobody gets excited […]