AutoCAD 2017

  • Improved Graphics: Parallel Hatch Lines
    Last week, I showed you how to optimize your system to get the most out of AutoCAD 2017’s gorgeous graphics update, and this week I want to show you what you get for your non-troublesome trouble. Are you ready? OK, hold on tight! Appearance and Selection Remember how in past releases previewed objects (while they’re […]

  • Improved Graphics: Before and After
    Are you tired of those pesky jagged diagonal lines and unsmooth curves in AutoCAD? AutoCAD 2017 to the rescue! Yup, it’s true: The appearance, selection, and performance of 2D geometry in this release are pretty great. Don’t believe me? I’ve got the before and after photos: And unlike those diet pill infomercials, these results are, in […]

  • 3D Print Studio
    Have you jumped on the 3D printing bandwagon yet? We here at Autodesk think it’s pretty neat, and that’s part of the reason AutoCAD 2017 has made it easier than ever for you to send your designs to a 3D printer. This week, I’m taking you through some of the ways we’ve made it a […]

  • Raster Start Points
    Do you need to bring PDF data into AutoCAD? If you read my last post, you know how easy it is to convert vector‐based PDF files to DWG format using the PDF Import functionality in AutoCAD 2017. While AutoCAD 2017 offers the most efficient method for importing PDF data, it doesn’t work with all PDF […]

  • Autodesk Desktop App
    Last week we explored the AutoCAD License Manager, and this week I want to expand on another innovation that works side-by-side with it. Let’s dive right into the Autodesk Desktop App! Autodesk Desktop App This is a biggie: One of the first changes you’ll notice after installing AutoCAD 2017 is the new Autodesk Desktop App. […]

  • Installing AutoCAD with the License Manager
    So far I’ve been pretty focused on all of the benefits you’ll see once you’re in AutoCAD 2017, but what if you’re not there yet? This week, I want to take a look at how easy upgrading and managing your subscription can be with our License Manager. License Manager Moving from one license to another […]

  • Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016
    2016 has been a big year for the AutoCAD blog, and we couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal readers. Here are 10 of the most popular AutoCAD articles that caught your attention this past year!

  • autocad_2017_import_3
    Do you ever find yourself asking “When can I stop buying third-party applications for tools that should be native to AutoCAD?”  I’ve been asking that about converting PDF to DWG for years! Well, my friends, Autodesk has finally answered that question with the release of AutoCAD 2017. It’s true! I’ve run into projects time and […]

  • autocad_2017_mac_tool_set
    Product News
    It’s a big day here at Autodesk! We’re excited to announce the launch of AutoCAD 2017 for Mac and AutoCAD LT 2017 for Mac. The AutoCAD team has spent the past year making many improvements and enhancements to the software. The enhancements in this release were designed to match your familiar workflows, making this the […]