• How to customize workspaces in AutoCAD LT
    In this next installment of our series on AutoCAD LT customization, we’ll explore workspaces. Workspaces are often overlooked in AutoCAD LT. There’s only one by default, which is Drafting & Annotation. Today, we’re going to look at customizing the user interface and saving those changes as a workspace.  Before we begin with the details on […]

  • Customize Ribbon AutoCAD LT
    There’s a long-held misconception that you can’t customize AutoCAD LT. Most likely, this is due to AutoCAD LT not supporting API’s. So, no—you can’t customize it with AutoLISP, .NET, or third-party add-ons. But you can still customize AutoCAD LT. In fact, almost any interface element that you can customize in AutoCAD, you can do in […]

  • Kitchen design AutoCAD LT
    Customer Spotlight
    What does a Canadian interior designer, a California-based landscape designer, and a woodworker in North Carolina have in common? It’s AutoCAD LT. Read on to see how AutoCAD LT makes a difference in their businesses and careers. Red Bean Interior Design For interior designer Kristi Lee Robb, AutoCAD LT isn’t just a design tool—it’s a […]

  • CAD Management
    In today’s fast-paced environment, it can be challenging to keep up with rapidly changing hardware and software requirements. Many Autodesk products, including AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, can be used in a virtual environment, giving you options to customize your setup to suit your needs. Why Use Virtualization Virtualization lets you run your applications on a […]

  • Learning
    You use dimensions in drawings to communicate the size and specifications of data in your projects. In fact, most of your drawings are not complete until you have added dimensions.

  • Text Settings: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD
    Text in an AutoCAD drawing is the means by which you communicate information. The ability to give text in an easy-to-read format is critical for good communication. The methods for accessing and formatting text provide greater efficiency and control of the text objects in your drawings.

  • Leaders: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD
    Leaders are style-based associative objects that combine several different common elements such as lines and text into one single associative object.

  • Fields: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD
    In AutoCAD, you can automate textual data in your drawings by adding fields to any type of text including single and multi-line text objects, dimensions, leaders, block attributes, and tables.

  • AutoCAD Selection Tips: Tuesday Tips With Seth
    A lot of commands in AutoCAD require you to make a selection set. The good news is that whether you need to manipulate an individual object or many objects, AutoCAD provides plenty of easy ways to do this. In this Tuesday Tip, we’ll look at the many ways AutoCAD aids you in selecting objects. I call these […]