Autodesk University 2015

  • AutoCAD 3D model section objects
    Already familiar with AutoCAD 3D modeling? Great! “AutoCAD 3D Modeling—Tips and Tricks” is the perfect recorded class for you to up your 3D game. Wouldn’t know AutoCAD 3D modeling if it sat in your lap? Great! “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AutoCAD 3D Solid Modeling” is the perfect recorded class for you to break into the 3D […]

  • point cloud bridge modeling
    Infrastructure Week (May 16 – 23) is now underway in the United States. This is a great chance for civil engineers, utility designers, urban planners, and other professionals to get educated about, and advocate for, the critical infrastructure issues impacting our population. So keep an eye out on Twitter for Tweets with the #infrastructurematters hashtag. Check out the Infrastructure Week calendar of events. And get […]

  • AutoCAD Dimensions dialog box
    Are you entirely comfortable with AutoCAD dimensioning? It can be a little spooky. The way the tools just seem to … know what you need. Hover your cursor over an object and—presto-change-o!—it defaults to the proper dimension type, right in front of your eyes. Sit in on this AutoCAD recorded class from Autodesk University 2015. In no time, […]

  • AutoCAD Sheet Set Manager flowchart.
    In just 75 minutes you’ll learn to use the AutoCAD® Sheet Set Manager (SSM) to set up all your design projects, organize all the sheets, and publish the entire set to PDF when done. Why open or print drawings one at a time—or update the index sheet whenever a drawing name changes—when you can take your company […]

  • Switching tracks from Microstation to AutoCAD
    You work with MicroStation and AutoCAD® software. Or maybe you’re switching from MicroStation to AutoCAD. (If you’re going from AutoCAD to MicroStation, just … go. Go now.) To learn how to leverage your MicroStation knowledge when using AutoCAD—and how to best manage your CAD data when double dipping between the two—sit in on this recorded […]

  • Doors opening to reveal sky. Autodesk University 2015 AutoCAD recorded class .NET application development.
    Why sit in on this AU 2015 AutoCAD recorded class? One, you’re an AutoCAD .NET API software developer. Two, you strongly suspect there is functionality lurking just beyond the reach of your managed ObjectARX™ libraries. Three, when you uncover this functionality—and you will—you want to know how to make it available to your managed .NET applications. Four, […]

  • Database management gears. Autodesk University 2015 recorded AutoCAD class on Entity Framework development.
    I won’t pretend to understand any of this. All I can say for sure is your developer colleagues at Autodesk® University 2015 really liked this class, which introduces Microsoft’s Entity Framework—“one of the leading object-relational mapper frameworks in use today,” I’m told—and now you can take it all in. At your leisure. For free. So […]

  • Tutorial for using AutoCAD I/O to create a console application.
    Last week we kicked off our mini-series of AutoCAD® developer-favorite Autodesk® University 2015 recorded classes. As now appears obvious, that first offering (Integrating .NET Code with AutoCAD I/O to Add Design Intelligence to Your Website) should have come second, after the AutoCAD I/O V2 introduction class we’re showcasing today. So start here. Not there. Introducing AutoCAD.IO V2 […]

  • Jigsawify website created with AutoCAD I/O web services. Recorded AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT classes from Autodesk University 2015.
    Another cherry-picked attendee favorite AutoCAD® class from Autodesk® University 2015, now available online. Today we kick off a mini-series of AU 2015 recorded classes just for—yes!—AutoCAD developers, called “Interesting Developments.” We’ll start with a class that helps get you up to speed on the new AutoCAD I/O, a web services offering for running AutoCAD scripts remotely. Which, as you’ll see, is […]