• AutoLISP to Automate Your Tasks Intermediate
    In part one of our series, we talked about some of the basics you should know when beginning with AutoLISP and what kinds of things you can automate with that knowledge. Today’s post assumes you’re no longer a beginner, but not an expert yet either. You know what you’re doing…but you’re still somewhere in between […]

  • AutoLISP
    I’ll admit it. I just love AutoLISP, and I consider it my “home” language. But I also understand that my love of the language isn’t universal. You may not consider yourself a programmer, or it might just be intimidating. It really doesn’t have to be, and even with just minimal knowledge, you can still accomplish […]

  • Designing Electrical Systems Brazil AutoCAD
    Customer Spotlight
    Eronides Filho first started learning AutoCAD at the age of 12 when he wanted to help out and learn more about electrical engineering at his father’s firm Eletrotil Electrical Solutions. Founded more than 30 years ago in Ituiutaba, Brazil, the company has more than 20 employees and, now 15 years later, Filho is still using […]

  • Learning
    The AutoCAD program provides an extensible environment that can be tailored to simplify everyday drafting tasks and automate company specific workflows through the use of custom programs. You don’t have to be a power user or master programmer to use custom programs, you just need to know how to load them.

  • AutoCAD_2.18
    Our video of the month for March is going full-on throwback. This year Autodesk and AutoCAD celebrate their 35th anniversary, and AutoCAD officially turns the big 3-5 in December. Just recently, NASDAQ feted Autodesk with a shout-out on the jumbo tron in Times Square. And employees, partners, and customers got into the spirit with parties […]

  • Color coding with the Visual LISP IDE. Bootstrap AutoCAD Deployments for Customizations.
    CAD Management
    Last week you saw how to gather catalog data so it could be added automatically to the Content Browser, a feature in such AutoCAD®-based products as AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD MEP (Bootstrap AutoCAD Deployments for Customizations Part 7). All we have to do now is work in a little more code. Code… Why did it have to be more […]

  • Saving a .lsp file in Notepad. Bootstrap AutoCAD Deployments for Customizations.
    CAD Management
    In Bootstrap AutoCAD Deployments for Customizations Part 3 I told you the bootstrap process adds only one file, acad.lsp, to the deployment. You won’t ever edit it, and any files that may need to be edited will be located on the network and edited outside of the deployment. This will make the IT department happy. […]

  • AutoCAD 2016 directory: Trusted Locations for bootstrap deployments.
    CAD Management
    Hello again. In Bootstrap AutoCAD Deployments for Customizations Part 1 and Part 2, I described why it made sense to bootstrap AutoCAD® deployments if you have customizations. Now we’ll get into some of the details including the AutoCAD startup sequence, the acad.lsp file, the default search path, trusted locations, and profiles. The virtues of bootstrapping AutoCAD deployments for customizations Minimal deployment modifications–The fewer […]

  • AutoCAD Create Deployment screen
    CAD Management
    Let me show you how to reliably roll out your customizations during an AutoCAD® deployment using a few simple options and some very simple AutoLISP® code. Much of the power of AutoCAD comes from the ways you can customize it. That customizability is great but it can cost you. Here’s how to skip the payments. The problem with AutoCAD customization […]