• Meet AutoCAD's Best Friends
    Did you know that today is National Best Friends day in the US? We’re celebrating by introducing you to AutoCAD’s besties (and – spoiler alert – you might already be acquainted with them)!

  • Events
    For 35 years, AutoCAD, the original CAD software, has been used by architects and interior designers to make the world a more beautiful place. That’s why we’re excited to see how the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) is celebrating this year’s World Interiors Day

  • Celebrating AutoCAD
    This year marks 35 years since AutoCAD first started – can you believe it?

  • Fun
    Some people can’t live without college basketball, and some people can’t live without AutoCAD. The former has had NCAA March Madness for close to a century, but this year, the latter gets something just as good: March CADness. 

  • 3D printer: Manufacturing Day 2016
    Manufacturing Day 2016 invites you to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Last year, the fifth annual MFG Day attracted more than 400,000 participants (students, teachers, parents, job seekers, community leaders) to 2,600 events (open houses, plant tours, educational sessions) across the US and Canada. It’s kind of a big deal. […]