Have You Tried

  • AutoCAD import styles
    Every month we receive great feedback and suggestions from our customers for future Have You Tried articles. This feedback is important and factors into discussions for future articles. Thank you, and please keep it coming.  Some of the recent feedback that really stood out to us was around reusing and importing text, dimension, table, and […]

  • Customize AutoCAD Workspace
    This month’s installment of Have You Tried is all about customizing the AutoCAD user interface (UI) using workspaces. There are many ways to customize AutoCAD, some being more complicated than others. Customizing your workspace is one of the most straightforward ways to personalize the AutoCAD UI to the way you want to work. With workspaces […]

  • Learning
    This month we delivered another Have You Tried that we think you’ll really like. Have you ever thought it would be great if you could create a link from a plumbing fixture in a floor plan or from a gear in a mechanical design to a product specification page on a manufacturer’s website? Hyperlinks can […]

  • eTransmit in AutoCAD
    Have you ever sent what you thought was a complete set of drawing files to a client or subcontractor only to have them ask for missing information like plot styles, fonts, xrefs, or other drawing files? This is a pretty common issue and eTransmit in AutoCAD can help. Electronic Transmit—or eTransmit for short—packages all the […]

  • rotate and scale objects in AutoCAD
    Commonly, a base point and then an angle or a scale factor is specified to rotate or scale selected objects. However, that workflow might not always provide for the best control over the outcome. Did you know you can rotate or scale an object relative to two other points? The Reference option of the ROTATE […]

  • 3D models in AutoCAD
    Have you ever received a 3D model for your review and struggled with trying to rotate it to the view you want? Maybe you only work on 2D drawings and are not familiar with the techniques used for viewing 3D models. You’re in luck. There are some easy ways to use the viewport controls to […]

  • AutoCAD layout viewports
    We’ve streamlined the way you create layout viewports. In the past, there were several steps you needed to follow to insert a view from model space onto a layout and get it sized correctly. This process was time consuming and inefficient. New options in the MVIEW command make it much easier to create, scale, and […]

  • Reference Manager in AutoCAD
    Receiving drawing files from a client or subcontractor can sometimes be tricky if they include external references. When you open a drawing file, a dialog box like this might pop up informing you that you’re missing one or more referenced files. Now what?  How do you figure out what drawing files are missing?        Reference Manager is […]

  • Multileaders AutoCAD
    Some of the most common annotations in a drawing are labels and callouts. These convey various types of information and identifications depending on their content and symbology. The most advanced tool available for creating these types of objects in AutoCAD is the multileader tool and the MLEADER command. Here are some examples of multileaders that […]