• Translate PDF SHX Geometry Into Mtext
    In a recent article, I discussed the power of importing vector-based PDF files into AutoCAD. However, there can be one minor challenge. TrueType fonts import fine, but SHX fonts do not—they come in as individual polyline segments. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to perform a secondary step to turn the “visual […]

  • AutoCAD Multileaders
    What’s not to like about Multileaders? They’re easy to use and to edit. You can add or remove leaders in a couple of clicks. You can even group them or align them if they get out of whack.

  • Learning
    Looking to quickly and easily increment attribute values in AutoCAD? Check out Increment, a highly rated app on the Autodesk App Store.

  • AutoCAD_2018_Combine_Text_Feature
    Product News
    In AutoCAD 2018, the TXT2MTXT Express Tool has transitioned from an Express Tool to a fully integrated AutoCAD command! With that transition, it’s also been enhanced to make it more powerful and more flexible than ever. Before diving into the details of what the new and improved TXT2MTXT command does, let me give you a […]