Object Selection

  • Have You Tried...
    Have you ever needed to perform multiple operations on the same objects or wanted to create a relationship between several objects without creating a block? Check out the AutoCAD Group feature.

  • AutoCAD Object Selection and Isolation
    In AutoCAD, there are many ways to work with objects beyond simply clicking or using a window to select them.

  • Top Benefits of AutoCAD 2018
    By now, you’ve probably heard our big news about the debut of AutoCAD 2018! But are you still left wondering more about the new updates to object selection, the Combine Text tool, Share Design Views tool, and the user interface?

  • AutoCAD_object_selection
    Product News
    I’ve been with Autodesk for many years (two and half decades, in fact) and, during that time, I’ve helped launch 21 releases of AutoCAD! I’ve seen big, innovative, new functionality such as 3D scanning and printing integrated into AutoCAD, as well as many, many small enhancements to existing functionality. One thing I’ve learned from you, […]

  • Selection Tab in the Options Dialog Box.
    Your designs are only as good as the objects within them. And what good is an object if you can’t make it do what you need to? We want to make sure you can always get the most out of your objects, which is why we’ve collected the best tips and tricks (so far!) on […]

  • AutoCAD 2017 lasso object selection method. Tuesday Tips.
    You can’t use AutoCAD for any length of time without knowing how to select objects. There are many methods, some more obvious than others. If you’re like me, you can probably get by 99% of the time with the first three methods I describe below. But there are many more selection methods that—in certain situations—can […]