Top AutoCAD Classes Online From AU 2020

Top AutoCAD Online Classes

Last November, Autodesk debuted the first global, all-digital Autodesk University 2020. With keynotes and sessions online, anyone could attend and more than 100,000 did just that. And you can still experience all of the content in 2021!

The AU team recently announced the Best of AU 2020 Speaker Awards, which were based on metrics that reflect global attendee interest and engagement. We’re thrilled (but not surprised!) that many AutoCAD speakers received these honors.

Below are some of those top AutoCAD classes online from AU 2020 that you can take right now. And you can always check out all of the AutoCAD sessions available from AU, both past and present.

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and Dazzling Drafting Techniques

Sit down, buckle up, and keep your hands on your keyboard as Autodesk Expert Elite member Donnie “The CAD Geek” Gladfelter takes you through a dazzling collection of drafting techniques guaranteed to improve your skills productivity—one click at a time.

AutoCAD AU Tips and Tricks

Drawing From Experience: Four CAD Managers With Decades of Experience Tell All

This panel with Mike Thomas, R.K. McSwain, Curt Moreno, Rick Ellis, and Kate Towne share their unique perspectives and solutions to challenges faced by CAD managers from organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. Discover ways to approach the challenges of working remotely and supporting remote users and delve into topics such as CAD standards, management, and much more. It’s always an anticipated class and AU tradition.

Improving Quality With the CAD Standards Manager in AutoCAD

Consistency in design and drafting are very important for maintaining and sharing drawings internally and externally in AutoCAD. The CAD Standards Manager can help you check, correct, and maintain standards within your company. With these tools, Sam Lucido shares an efficient approach and essential training to produce and check design drawings for consistency and standards.

CAD Standards Manager

Using Mobile Technology: Get AutoCAD on Your Phone and Tablet

You no longer need bricks to hold down large drawings on-site for viewing. Shaun Bryant will show you how to take your CAD projects on the road by using the cloud, AutoCAD mobile app, and the AutoCAD web app, as well as the mobile and browser-based versions of classic AutoCAD desktop software.

Standards for Developing Standards: A How-to for Busy CAD Managers

CAD standards matter, but it can be hard work. Never fear—Curt Moreno outlines the entire process of installing CAD standards in your company. This class will share with you a step-by-step framework, including knowing when it’s right for you to create standards, identifying which standards are needed, and deploying your new CAD standards. Learn a tried-and-true process and skills that anyone can put to use.

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