Have You Tried: Inserting AutoCAD Blocks Quickly With Tool Palettes


By Lee Ambrosius

Blocks are some of the most common objects used in AutoCAD drawings. A block can be anything from a conference chair in an office plan to a set of notes and a title block on a layout. As with most AutoCAD workflows, blocks can be inserted into a drawing using different methods, such as using the INSERT command or dragging files from Windows Explorer or File Explorer.

Inserting AutoCAD Blocks Quickly With Tool Palettes

When inserting a block, a common practice is to set a layer current before browsing to a drawing or choosing a previously inserted block on that layer.

What if you could simplify the workflow? What if you could eliminate the need to set a layer current along with the need to browse to a drawing before inserting a block?

Tool palettes allow you to simplify the workflow of inserting blocks by creating block tools. When a block tool is created on a tool palette, you can specify its behavior with settings such as:

  • Default block scale
  • Default or prompt for rotation angle
  • Explode the block upon insertion
  • General object properties, such as layer or linetype
  • Custom properties assigned to dynamic blocks

Have You Tried: Inserting AutoCAD Blocks Quickly With Tool Palettes

You can explore more about tool palettes and block tools by following the step-by-step examples in the HaveYouTried:InsertBlocksQuicklyWithToolPalettes topic.

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    I use Tool Palettes for so many things besides just inserting blocks: Running scripts and LISP routines, changing layers, setting annotation scales, drawing 2-point circles on a specific layer, and so much more. By setting up tool palettes for each of our products, I have the increased time and accuracy.

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