Troubleshoot AutoCAD 2017 License Manager Issues

It’s déjà vu all over again. A few weeks ago we ran the following post regarding issues that may lead you to troubleshoot AutoCAD 2017 License Manager. My colleagues over at the Autodesk Knowledge Network (AKN) just reported they’re still seeing a lot of folks looking up License Manager information, so we at the AutoCAD Blog thought we’d push this one out to you all one more time.

troubleshoot AutoCAD 2017 License Manager issuesTo review … The new AutoCAD 2017 License Manager should make managing your software licenses easier and improve the way you set up and change trial, stand-alone, and network licenses, and more.

But if it’s not quite working out that way for you, check out these AKN-provided troubleshooting articles.

When launching AutoCAD 2017 for the first time, the application opens to the drawing editor and displays a license error message.

You chose the wrong licensing type and want to select a new option.

You get a license error message and, for troubleshooting, you want to turn on logging to record the license information.

You have an AutoCAD 2017 network license and want to install Autodesk Network License Manager in Windows.

The License Service on LMTools 11.13 will not start.

Additional AKN resources for the AutoCAD 2017 License Manager

Want to learn more about software licensing in AutoCAD 2017? Try these ….

And if you’re just getting started with AutoCAD 2017, take a look at the introductory video, below, as well as Heidi Hewett’s AutoCAD Blog post (includes the above resources): What’s New in AutoCAD 2017? License Manager

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