Category: Funding

  • Wide angle view of dozens of pallets of concrete blocks in an open-air dirt field on an overcast day. Foreground: A person in a forklift facing the camera, behind a few large pallets of concrete blocks.

    Our investment in CarbonBuilt

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes CarbonBuilt—a startup that is decarbonizing concrete and enabling manufacturers to make industry-standard products with 70-100% less embodied carbon than conventional concrete—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • Families and workers from Better Builder (FWF grantee) in Austin, Texas — Three women standing side-by-side, smiling and posing for group photo, wearing matching blue "We Build Texas" t-shirts and adhesive name-tags. The woman in the middle is leaning on a pair of crutches.

    Our investment in The Families & Workers Fund

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes The Families and Workers Fund—a nonprofit supercharging the green infrastructure workforce—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.

  • Avalanche employee Daniel working on micro fusion reactor, "Janice".

    Our investment in Avalanche Energy

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Avalanche Energy—a startup creating micro fusion reactors to mobilize carbon-free energy for hard-to-abate sectors—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • CH! Co-founders Evette Ellis (left), Chief Workforce Officer, and Kameale Terry (right), CEO, standing next to an EV charging station on a sunny day.

    Our investment in ChargerHelp!

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes ChargerHelp!—a startup training the next generation of electric vehicle supply equipment technicians—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.

  • Two sets of hands hold a Prometheus Materials bio-cement brick.

    Our investment in Prometheus Materials

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Prometheus Materials—a sustainable building materials company that aims to replace portland cement with an ultra-low-carbon bio-cement alternative—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • Students standing over and tinkering with robotics and hydraulics machines while learning at St. Philips College.

    Our investment in FAME USA

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes FAME USA—a network of employer-led chapters training the next generation of advanced manufacturing technicians—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.

  • Our investment in Nth Cycle

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Nth Cycle—a startup that is revolutionizing materials recovery and refinement—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • JARC trainee wearing welding PPE (mask, gloves, etc.), welding as part of JARC advanced manufacturing training program.

    Our investment in JARC Rhode Island

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes JARC Rhode Island—a workforce development nonprofit on a mission to close the manufacturing talent gap—to its Work & Prosperity portfolio.

  • Skyline view of oil refinery in Germany, illuminated at dusk. Natural gas flaring out of one of numerous smokestacks.

    Our investment in M2X Energy

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes to its Energy & Materials portfolio M2X Energy, a startup that has developed a modular, scalable waste gas-to-liquid technology that captures methane gas and converts it into valuable commodities.

  • Student wearing "Senior" hoodie, smiling while experimenting with light project in a classroom with other students sitting at desks/tables and instructor standing in the background.

    Our investment in Stacks+Joules

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Stacks+Joules—an early-stage nonprofit learning provider operating in New York City—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.