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  • An Amped Innovation staff member carrying one of its solar generators on his shoulder—smiling, wearing black Amped Innovation t-shirt.

    The Autodesk Foundation celebrates a successful 2022 E4C Summer Fellowship

    Following the success of its inaugural Engineering for Change (E4C) Summer Fellowship in 2021, the Autodesk Foundation supported another 25 E4C Summer Fellows in 2022 who worked on engineering projects spanning 15 countries and five continents, advancing 12 of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Two construction workers on a Bridges to Prosperity trailbridge—one sitting, one standing—at dusk, surrounded by trees.

    Scaling impact in corporate philanthropy with strategic in-kind contributions

    Since joining the Autodesk Foundation portfolio in 2020, Bridges to Prosperity has utilized Autodesk software, training, pro bono consultants, and other in-kind support to build 500+ rural footbridges globally.

  • Person remote working on laptop

    Creating authentic impact narratives

    Autodesk is applying its brand and storytelling expertise for impact.

  • Group gathers in a conference room

    Autodesk Barcelona’s culture of giving

    For the past two years in Autodesk’s Barcelona Office, the Giving Back Committee has kept up a steady drumbeat of pro bono and volunteer opportunities for nearly 600 Autodeskers in Barcelona. Year-round work culminates in an annual auction raising 15,000 euros The December Holiday Auction, where employees bid on items like restaurant vouchers and personal […]

  • Group of employees working in an office

    Customizing pro bono for legal expertise

    Attorneys Susie Berg and Jeff Kaban were still relatively new to Autodesk when they volunteered to develop a pro bono program for the Autodesk Legal Department in 2020. With pandemic lockdowns in full effect and racial justice protests nationwide, it was a tumultuous but opportune time to create the program. “A lot of issues that […]

  • Autodesk employees’ connection to giving and community

    Global Month of Giving at Autodesk kicks off on Giving Tuesday, November 30th, a time to foster and celebrate the generosity, hope, and connection created through charitable giving. Each year, Autodesk employees are eligible for up to $5,000 in matching funds from the Autodesk Foundation, doubling the impact of their charitable giving to communities and […]

  • ISAIC sewing

    Meet five organizations leveraging Engineering for Change Fellows for impact

    Fellows apply architecture, engineering, and design expertise to solutions to climate change and inequality alongside nonprofits and startups.

  • The front of a single-story ShelterTech building, two windows (left) with a door (right).

    Employees support innovative housing solutions through pro bono consulting

    More than 1.6 billion people around the world lack adequate and decent shelter. In 2017, Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter launched ShelterTech, a platform for affordable housing innovation, including regional accelerators to provide shelter-focused startups with business support and mentorship. Through a customized pro bono mentorship program, Autodesk employees are using […]

  • Connecting community, culture, and creativity

    How one employee’s leadership is building intergenerational bonds This year, Autodesk embraced its unique opportunity to accelerate positive outcomes through a company-wide impact strategy that positions Autodesk to take action as a business, in partnership with customers, and to support its industries and the communities it serves. Autodesk employees engage with impact both within their roles and through volunteer, […]

  • Professional Skills Help Solve Real World Problems

    In the eight years I’ve been a part of the manufacturing team at Autodesk’s Birmingham Technology Center, I’ve worked on challenging manufacturing solutions for customers and internal staff, alike. Recently, the opportunity arose to step a bit outside of my daily remit and be a part of an Autodesk Pro Bono Consulting team. Twice a year, the Autodesk […]