• Unlocking New Opportunities for People Hard-hit by Automation and Globalization

    Automation and globalization are two of the biggest forces shaping the future of work and our wider society, with gross inequities between winners and losers. To address these inherent inequalities, we back systems and solutions that help at-risk workers prosper in the era of automation in service of a more equitable future. Jean Shia, Head […]

  • Autodesk Technology Supports Healthcare Transformation in Haiti

    Challenge Villagers in Carrefour commune of Ouest, Haiti live just 10 miles from the capital city of Port-au-Prince, but upwards of two hours from medical care due to unpaved roads and Ouest’s mountainous location. More than 50,000 people rely on a single, three-room primary clinic in Ouest. Those seeking care often arrive before sunrise and […]

  • Catalytic Funding Scales Handwashing and Drinking stations

    Catalytic funding from the Autodesk Foundation helped Splash build a proof of concept for handwashing and drinking stations produced at scale, which led to $1.6 million in follow-on funding to bring the product to market. Challenge Access to clean water is foundational to health and wellbeing; without it millions of people are exposed to preventable, […]

  • Professional Skills Help Solve Real World Problems

    In the eight years I’ve been a part of the manufacturing team at Autodesk’s Birmingham Technology Center, I’ve worked on challenging manufacturing solutions for customers and internal staff, alike. Recently, the opportunity arose to step a bit outside of my daily remit and be a part of an Autodesk Pro Bono Consulting team. Twice a year, the Autodesk […]

  • Impact Measurement & Management: One Size Does Not Fit All

    Impact performance has increasingly become a powerful brand differentiator and a meaningful new dimension of overall performance for all types of investing. Intentional strategies around how to measure impact have become central to a successful impact-oriented approach to investing. Indeed, measuring and reporting impact is one of the most important ways for any mission-driven organization […]

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    The Autodesk Foundation Commits to Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    The Autodesk Foundation is committed to accessible and transparent philanthropy 2020 was a year that challenged everyone’s resilience but also led organizations and teams to reflect on critical issues. At the Autodesk Foundation we spent time considering how the events of the year should inform our work and took inspiration from the efforts of the […]