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  • Amped Innovation worker wearing hi-viz orange branded jumpsuit and matching hardhat holding solar panel during rooftop installation, looking into the distance.

    FY23 Impact Report: A message from our directors

    Reflections from Autodesk Foundation Executive Director Christine Stoner and Managing Director Jean Shia on the growth and trajectory of the Autodesk Foundation as featured in the Autodesk Foundation fiscal year 2023 impact report.

  • Autodesk Foundation logo - black text, white background

    New video highlights how the Autodesk Foundation catalyzes industry transformation

    The Autodesk Foundation supports innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Watch our new overview video to learn how our unique approach to philanthropy is catalyzing industry transformation globally.

  • Avalanche employee Daniel working on micro fusion reactor, "Janice".

    Our investment in Avalanche Energy

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Avalanche Energy—a startup creating micro fusion reactors to mobilize carbon-free energy for hard-to-abate sectors—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • CH! Co-founders Evette Ellis (left), Chief Workforce Officer, and Kameale Terry (right), CEO, standing next to an EV charging station on a sunny day.

    Our investment in ChargerHelp!

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes ChargerHelp!—a startup training the next generation of electric vehicle supply equipment technicians—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.

  • An Amped Innovation staff member carrying one of its solar generators on his shoulder—smiling, wearing black Amped Innovation t-shirt.

    The Autodesk Foundation celebrates a successful 2022 E4C Summer Fellowship

    Following the success of its inaugural Engineering for Change (E4C) Summer Fellowship in 2021, the Autodesk Foundation supported another 25 E4C Summer Fellows in 2022 who worked on engineering projects spanning 15 countries and five continents, advancing 12 of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Photo grid. Headshots of Christian Benimana, MASS Design Group; Etosha Cave, Twelve; Amy King, Pallet; Megan O’Connor, Nth Cycle; Nithya Ramanathan, Nexleaf Analytics; and Jason Wang, FreeWorld.

    Meet the innovators who inspire us

    In 2022, the Autodesk Foundation partnered with the Autodesk Gallery to spotlight leaders from our portfolio in Spectrum—an interactive exhibit showcasing innovators who are transforming Autodesk industries for good.

  • Autodesk Foundation logo. White with black background.

    Two years later, the Autodesk Foundation’s DEI strategy shepherds a more diverse portfolio of industry-leading innovators

    In 2021, the Autodesk Foundation formalized a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy to ensure that the leaders across its portfolio were more representative of the populations they serve. One year later, here’s what we learned and the progress we've made.

  • Two sets of hands hold a Prometheus Materials bio-cement brick.

    Our investment in Prometheus Materials

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Prometheus Materials—a sustainable building materials company that aims to replace portland cement with an ultra-low-carbon bio-cement alternative—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • Students standing over and tinkering with robotics and hydraulics machines while learning at St. Philips College.

    Our investment in FAME USA

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes FAME USA—a network of employer-led chapters training the next generation of advanced manufacturing technicians—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.

  • Graphic lockup with headshots and titles of Debbie Clifford, Autodesk CFO and Foundation board chair, and Christine Stoner, Autodesk Foundation Executive Director.

    How sustainability, philanthropy, and finance align: An interview with Debbie Clifford

    Autodesk Foundation Executive Director Christine Stoner sat down with Debbie Clifford, Autodesk's chief financial officer and Foundation board chair, to learn more about her motivation, inspiration, and passion for her work.