Tag: Funding

  • Wide angle view of dozens of pallets of concrete blocks in an open-air dirt field on an overcast day. Foreground: A person in a forklift facing the camera, behind a few large pallets of concrete blocks.

    Our investment in CarbonBuilt

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes CarbonBuilt—a startup that is decarbonizing concrete and enabling manufacturers to make industry-standard products with 70-100% less embodied carbon than conventional concrete—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • Avalanche employee Daniel working on micro fusion reactor, "Janice".

    Our investment in Avalanche Energy

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Avalanche Energy—a startup creating micro fusion reactors to mobilize carbon-free energy for hard-to-abate sectors—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.

  • CH! Co-founders Evette Ellis (left), Chief Workforce Officer, and Kameale Terry (right), CEO, standing next to an EV charging station on a sunny day.

    Our investment in ChargerHelp!

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes ChargerHelp!—a startup training the next generation of electric vehicle supply equipment technicians—to its Work and Prosperity portfolio.

  • Two sets of hands hold a Prometheus Materials bio-cement brick.

    Our investment in Prometheus Materials

    The Autodesk Foundation welcomes Prometheus Materials—a sustainable building materials company that aims to replace portland cement with an ultra-low-carbon bio-cement alternative—to its Energy and Materials portfolio.