Career Development Month: Celebrating our commitment to learning and development at Autodesk

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I’m an Operations & Growth Specialist and am home-based in Ottawa, Canada. In my role, I’m responsible for ensuring all Autodeskers are aware of the great learning and career development programs we have available here at Autodesk. I connect with our partners throughout the company to learn about their teams’ needs and focuses and help connect them with the right programs. You can find me promoting offerings on our internal channels like Slack and blogs or providing operational support throughout our broader Learning & Development team.

Enabling Autodeskers to establish and work toward their personal and professional goals is a large focus of our team, as well as bringing relevant resources and making them accessible to all Autodeskers regardless of location, language, or tenure. That’s why we created Career Development Month, which takes place in April and aims to bring awareness to the different programs available at Autodesk.

Throughout the entire month, there are various opportunities for Autodeskers to have important, transparent discussions about career development, explore the many ways to grow at Autodesk, and connect with others at the company to learn about their career journeys. This series of events helps create excitement and encourage Autodeskers to explore internal career opportunities and offerings, as well as provide guidance to help Autodeskers develop their individual development plans.

Bringing Career Development Month to life

Last year, our team received a request to incorporate more honest conversations about generational diversity into our broader Diversity & Belonging discourse. To bring more awareness to the topic, we suggested hosting a panel on career stage diversity – this initial idea is what inspired the Career Development Month initiative. Our Diversity & Belonging and Learning & Career Development teams partnered to bring the month to life, working with other groups within Autodesk — including our employee resource groups, individual organizations, site leaders, and more — to ensure relevant programming for all.

Career Development Month is a great way to learn about the many valuable career development programs we have at Autodesk. You’ll find a wide range of activities and events, including fireside chats and panel discussions with external speakers, internal career discussions with Autodesk leaders, and many in-person events, mixers, and networking opportunities throughout Autodesk offices worldwide and in various local languages. There are even chances to win exciting prizes!

This year, each week of Career Development Month held a different theme. Week one focused on how to develop skills with the online courses available through our MyLearning platform. Week two focused on mentorship and how you can enrich your network and grow your career by connecting with other Autodesk employees as a mentor or mentee. Week three was all about coaching and how to connect with certified coaches for one-on-one conversations about developing leadership skills and achieving personal and professional goals. We closed out the month with a week of instructor-led classes, where Autodeskers could enroll in 1-2 day high-impact classes covering essential skills like communication, coaching, leadership, and more.

Creating a culture of learning

Learning & Career Development panel discussion at our Portland, Oregon office
(Left to right: Kassidi Sorensen, Employer Brand Manager; Shrirang Moghe, Distinguished Architect, Technology Excellence; Anton Fedoseyev, Senior Manager, Career Development; and Jennifer Long, Lead People Consultant)

Career development is a key component of Autodesk’s culture and values. Our people are our most valuable asset, which is why we’re committed to providing opportunities for career development and growth. We want our employees to be able to develop the skills and experiences that will accelerate their careers and help them prepare for emerging roles.

Not only does professional development benefit our employees, but it also helps our company succeed. By offering training, mentorship, and other career advancement opportunities, we’re able to build a talented and engaged workforce that can deliver better results for our customers.

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