More than just words: How we live our Culture Code at Autodesk

Brian Jeong
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Autodesk employee Brian Jeong stands in a hallway wearing an Autodesk hat, T-shirt, and vest

As a Senior Shop Supervisor within Autodesk Research, I have the pleasure of helping our customers design and make things! A big part of my role is identifying opportunities for Autodesk and our customers to explore new technologies, materials, and approaches to problem-solving.

I work at the Autodesk Technology Centre in Toronto, Canada, a space equipped with a ton of machines and equipment — like 3D printers, CNC machines, robots, and AR/VR equipment — to drive new possibilities for design and make techniques. Our team explores innovative ideas for the future of design and make, and I engage with a global network of customers and industry leaders on interesting projects at the cutting edge of innovation — like 3D printing Cole Custer’s No. 41 NASCAR brake pedal.

Working at Autodesk is incredibly fulfilling; there are so many things that contribute to my positive experience. I truly enjoy my job, and I absolutely love my team. I am challenged every day, given opportunities to grow in my career, plus I get to design things AND get my hands dirty while building them.

My favorite thing about working at Autodesk is being able to make a positive impact in my community by leading (and empowering others to lead), volunteering, fundraising, and participating in sustainability initiatives through our Impact program. Helping others and making a positive impact in the world is where I find true purpose and value, and thankfully, Autodesk provides me with an outlet to live that out in my career, which is remarkable.

All of this is what makes Autodesk’s culture so unique. A lot of companies talk about “culture,” but everything truly does revolve around our culture here. I see our Culture Code as the backbone of the organization. What do we value as a company? What are our principles when making decisions and working with one another and our customers? The Culture Code answers these questions and is core to how we work and what it means to be an Autodesker.

A black-and-white circular graphic represents Autodesk’s Culture Code: the Values and Ways We Work that make us a Customer Company

At Autodesk, our culture is manifested in our Culture Code: the Values and Ways We Work that make us a Customer Company.

To help Autodesk teams learn about our Culture Code and apply it in their daily work, we dive deep into a series of workshops, called Culture Sprints, with our team members. For example, during the Empower Decision Makers sprint, we learned and practiced how to clarify roles in decision-making processes and work together to arrive at the best result in an inclusive and efficient way. These sprints give us a chance to learn more practically about building habits that are core to our company, such as our culture of fostering belonging together and our culture of courage.

On a day-to-day basis, I find myself frequently referencing the Culture Code. Whether it’s celebrating the wins of my coworkers, providing feedback and encouragement to team members, or helping our customers achieve better outcomes, the Culture Code is embedded into my everyday life at Autodesk.

For my fellow Autodeskers who want to learn more about our Culture Code, I recommend immersing yourselves in as many groups, initiatives, projects, and events as you can. What are your passions? Every quarter or every year, focus on developing a Value or Ways We Work in your career. At the end of the quarter or year, reflect on how all your accomplishments were tied to the Culture Code, and you’ll be surprised how much you embody it in your everyday life.

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