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Eight Autodesk employees talk to each other while sitting on a purple sectional couch

What’s the best way to learn about what it’s like to work at Autodesk? Watching our new talent attraction video is a great place to start. We created our “Shape Your Future” video to capture the spirit of working at Autodesk, featuring Autodeskers themselves!

Let’s go behind the scenes with some of our stars:

Headshots of five Autodesk employees who participated in the “Shape Your Future” careers video

Why did you decide to participate in this video?

Salvador: I thought it would be a fun way to meet new employees. Also, I enjoy working for Autodesk, so I wanted to be part of our recruiting efforts.

Kate: I saw a request for participants, and I was excited, so I signed up! I’ve been with Autodesk for the bulk of my career and have recruited a friend or two, so it felt like a natural fit.

David: I like to see people who look like me represented in tech.

What was your favorite part about the entire process?

Angela: My favorite part was actually meeting my fellow Autodeskers. They made the long days go by fast!

Chris: My favorite part was meeting and getting to know the other Autodesk employees involved in creating this video – really nice, friendly, and extremely interesting people. Some of us went to dinner after the first day of filming, and it was a great evening. The film crew were all really great as well – very friendly and, above all, very patient with us bunch of amateurs, they made it a really great experience. It was just so nice to be around such a fun group of people after two years away from the office.

Kate: My favorite part was my castmates! We filmed for two days (yes, two WHOLE days of filming for a 60-second spot!) and we were laughing the whole time. In terms of the unexpected – who knew we had a swinging six-person desk at our Technology Center in San Francisco? I certainly didn’t.

Six Autodesk employees meet while sitting at a swinging desk

Tell us a little about what you’re up to in the video.

Chris: We wanted to recreate scenes of what we do in our real day-to-day jobs. In one scene, I’m manipulating a virtual 3D model of a wheel rim, then examining the real-life version of it. We then filmed the bits where we are heard talking (yes, they’re our real voices) at the Autodesk Gallery (my favorite place!), and finally, I got to show what it’s like when I work from home.

Angela: Besides the opening scene where I welcome you to Autodesk, you’ll also see me having a brainstorming session with some of my fellow designers. I’m a UX professional, so this kind of work comes naturally to me. And this was a real brainstorm – not just random drawings on a whiteboard!

Behind the scenes of the video shoot, a monitor shows how the scene appears on camera

David: I am doing technical things in the video, like working on my computer and handling 3D-printed items. I’m operating the actual software I’m an expert in and working with some of the things the software can produce.

What was it like working with your fellow Autodeskers on this project?

David: During planning, we had fun conversations about what we do, how we work, and why we believe in bringing good, quality people into Autodesk. On location, we mainly talked about our lives and what we’re into. We had a great time during the shoot.

Kate: Some folks I knew already, and everyone else was a new friend. We were all in great spirits, and we weren’t above joking about how we won’t forget each other when our movie star careers take off.

Salvador: My favorite part was meeting my fellow employees. I work remotely and this was the first time going to our San Francisco office.

What is your favorite thing about working at Autodesk?

Salvador: I love the sense of belonging. Being a fairly new employee, I’ve felt welcome from day one.

Angela: The office aesthetics and design are amazing and inviting. The benefits are not too shabby, but the people are awesome. You can build great connections here at Autodesk.

Chris: It is hard to pick just one reason – and this is why I have been at Autodesk for more than 10 years now. The people and the culture make it a great, supportive place to work and have been the main reasons for me being here for so long. But alongside that, seeing what our customers create, design, and make to help make a better world – and feeling you are contributing in some small part to that – is another powerful reason for me.

Watch the full video:

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