Celebrating and amplifying the Latinx community through Autodesk Latinx Network

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Jose Bravo sits at a table in a restaurant eating a bowl of soup

I’m a Senior Product Support Specialist at Autodesk and have been with the company since 2019. In my role, I provide tech support for our construction and design software (Revit, Navisworks, and BIM Collaborate Pro), helping troubleshoot any problems our customers might run into when using our applications and helping get them back on track. We connect directly with our customers and are the first line of defense when it comes to any issues that come up. Working with our enterprise customers, we have the opportunity to provide recommendations to avoid issues altogether.

When I first joined Autodesk, I felt out of place. The company is super welcoming, but I was overwhelmed because I found myself in a brand-new role and industry with a new trajectory and set of circumstances. This inspired me to look for opportunities and events to build community, including Autodesk Latinx Network (ALN), one of Autodesk’s employee resource groups (ERGs). ALN provided an immediate way for me to connect; it’s a group where we have a cultural common ground and, even more so, a desire to provide a sense of community and support no matter one’s background. Now, I’m proud to serve as the ALN site lead at Autodesk’s Portland office.

Celebrating our Latinx heritage

The mission of ALN is to increase opportunities to thrive, lead and contribute to the success of Autodesk by amplifying the richness, diversity, and power of Latinx talent, culture, and community. We have events and activities throughout the year, but our biggest initiative is during Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), when we host a global event series to celebrate the contributions, heritage, and culture of Hispanic and Latinx communities.

Latinx Heritage Month is a time to reflect and appreciate everyone who came before us. It’s a celebration of culture, but also a recognition of the hardships and real challenges we still face. It’s a month of pride – we walk with a bit more flare and laugh a little louder.

Personally, it’s a big month for my family’s hometown in Mexico, San Jerónimo Purenchécuaro Michoacán. September 30 is a day of celebration for the saint the town is named after, but the whole month is full of gatherings and celebrations. It takes me back to when we would visit Mexico as kids and would spend the month there: being woken up early by the local propane supplier blasting, “EL GASSS!” and various other alarms from a megaphone; dinners full of family members we hadn’t met before or seen in years; the fireworks we ran away from with cousins we just met; all the genuine love and laughter our family shared. I love that we get to remember and celebrate those kinds of experiences since I know those values are carried in our cultures.

Jose Bravo sits with his family on a bench in a park in Mexico. A brown dog lies on the ground next to Jose's feet.

Bringing diversity to the table

The representation ALN has throughout all of Autodesk is really affirming. Representation is more than a few decorations – it means having no barriers to entry, to see that others like us can make it. It means when you look at the faces around the table, you can see that someone has a similar background or familiarity to draw from or consider when decisions are made.

From the moment I joined ALN, I felt an immediate sense of involvement, like I could make an impact. Being part of this ERG makes me realize how much of a voice we as employees have, and how we all want to see each other succeed. It’s a real reminder that Autodesk isn’t like other tech companies that can be more cutthroat with employees competing against each other, and that gives me a lot of peace of mind. I’m happy to be able to come to work, feel comfortable in my own skin, and get a seat at the table.

Learn more about Autodesk’s employee resource groups here.

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