Changing careers: From software engineering to talent acquisition

Autodesk Life 2 min read
Kaveri Joshi stands to the left of two female colleagues in front of a mural of the Autodesk logo.

Kaveri Joshi is a technical recruiter here at Autodesk. But her path to a career in talent acquisition is quite different than you’d expect!

“I originally planned to pursue my career as a software engineer,” Kaveri says. She was introduced to coding in school and developed a passion for it, so she decided to pursue a degree in engineering.

But a career as a software engineer would mean spending most of her time on tasks that weren’t people-facing, “which is completely opposite of my personality traits,” Kaveri says. “I like interacting with people around me because it gives me an opportunity to learn new things.”

So, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, Kaveri went on to get her MBA, began her career as a recruiter, and eventually found her way to Autodesk. Here, she helps various teams find the right talent within the technology field.

“In my role, I liaise with hiring managers and other stakeholders, understanding their requirements and filling up their open positions by sharing quality candidates through different sourcing channels,” she says. “Best of all, I get to offer candidates their dream job!”

Kaveri Joshi poses near a body of water with her arm on a railing.

While software engineering and talent acquisition are considerably different careers, Kaveri often draws on her previous knowledge and experiences for her current role. “I use the combination of skills acquired from both my engineering degree and my MBA to find the right technical people for our teams at Autodesk,” she says. “My engineering background helps me better relate to the job responsibilities and skills required for an individual to be successful in the role, and my business background helps me to sell them the Autodesk dream, making them desire to become an Autodesker.”

With more than eight years of experience as a recruiter in several different industries, there are many things Kaveri enjoys about working in this field. “Here at Autodesk, I love that the team and managers are caring, helpful, and resourceful – we all work towards a common goal of One Autodesk TA team.”

While she may not be building software as she originally envisioned years ago, Kaveri has found her true passion and now spends her days working with people and connecting them to exciting and rewarding careers. “Joining Autodesk is like entering a world of opportunities,” Kaveri says. “You get to work in a respectful, flexible environment, with culturally diverse teams. You also have a chance to work on innovative products that are used by various industries and help build and shape the future.”