Solving for the customer: Meet the Autodesk Sales team

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The Sales team at Autodesk is focused on helping our customers succeed and grow with solutions that help them do new and exciting things with their design and make processes, delivering a world-class experience across all industries. Their success is measured through our customers’ satisfaction – and by being recognized as the best in the business!

Meet a few of the Autodeskers who work in Sales:

Gokul Vasudev is a Territory Account Sales Exec based in Bangalore, India. In his role, he is responsible for growing and retaining Autodesk business with predefined mid-market accounts and customers. He also manages CxO relationships and steers thought leadership discussions. In his free time, Gokul enjoys karaoke and long drives (“the ultimate moment is to sing while you are driving 😊”).

Jen Argiro is a Senior Director and Head of AMER Inside Territory Sales, located in Denver, Colorado. In her role, she leads a team of nearly 150 inside sales professionals who work with teams and partners in the Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), and Media & Entertainment (M&E) industries across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Jen earned the nickname “Tiger Queen” after visiting a petting zoo during a work trip in Cancun, where she got a little more than she bargained for when a tiger cub mistook her leg for a snack. “Fortunately, it was more of a great story than an injury!”

Rajgopal Nair is a Territory Hub Sales Manager based in Bangalore, India, where he manages the strategic territory business for India and SAARC countries. He leads a team of five and is also responsible for driving thought leadership in the AEC and Manufacturing segments. Rajgopal loves the mountains and traveling with his friends, and is passionate about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What is your favorite part about working in sales at Autodesk?

Gokul: I joined Autodesk in 2015, and what’s driven me for the past eight years (even to this day) is the immense opportunity to learn new products, sales programs, and strategies, as well as connect with leading customer CXOs. The tech prowess of Autodesk’s products and our new Autodesk Platform is mind-blowing. Our customers are super excited to work on our software, and it gives me great satisfaction at the end of the day.

Jen: I joined Autodesk because of its highly regarded culture, in addition to our industry thought leadership and the impact our customers have on the world via our solutions. My favorite part of working here is the people I get to work with every day. I’m challenged, inspired, given space to fail, grow, learn, succeed, and all being supported by some of the smartest yet humble people – who are equally very fun to work alongside.

Rajgopal: I’ve always been passionate about Infra and GIS and could see a huge opportunity to drive business in that segment. My favorite part of working at Autodesk is the people I work with – I’ve been blessed with some awesome leaders and colleagues. I’ve left Autodesk and come back twice during my 15-year tenure. It’s a great company, and I love the culture; work-life balance is what I cherish here.

How does the work you’re doing help make the world a better place?

Jen: Whether it’s how we treat each other, how we lead by example, how we selflessly help another, or how we work with our customers, I believe we’re all sharing a common purpose – to create a better world, a sustainable world, an equitable world.  We do that by being inclusive, inviting diversity of thought and experience, challenging and debating ideas respectfully, looking beyond our own needs to the needs of others, and collaborating to find the best solutions to problems and opportunities together.

Rajgopal: We are in the process of enabling our customers to be more efficient and sustainable every day. During this process, we ensure our customers can deliver the most cost-effective solutions that are scalable as well.

Gokul: Understanding customers’ challenges and helping them use Autodesk solutions to, for example, create a better design using our AI-based generative design or manufacture a product using our Fusion Platform – generally speaking, Autodesk helps customers build a better world.

I’ve had many instances when senior customer executives admire our flagship product AutoCAD and the 35+ years they’ve used AutoCAD and its future products, from their college days to the factories where they are currently working. Every customer I meet keeps admiring the evolution of AutoCAD and the company overall, which has stood as testimony to changes in industry, technology, and consumer behavior. It is still sunshine days at Autodesk even after 40+ years – I feel so proud to carry on a legacy! (Even saying this gives me goosebumps.)

Why should someone want to come work in sales at Autodesk?

Rajgopal: Autodesk provides a conducive environment for a person to work if you are a sales professional. This is a process-driven organization, and the growth is not affected by external factors.

Gokul: If you are tech-savvy, have loads of ideas to collaborate and make Autodesk more successful, and love diversity, taking risks, being unstoppable and excited to help customers build a better world, then you are most welcome to join the dynamic workforce here at Autodesk.

Jen: Autodesk is a company invested in its people and the greater good. The combination of being able to grow in your professional career; being compensated and rewarded fairly; being seen, heard, and valued; and, above all, working with amazing people and customers makes Autodesk the coolest and most awesome place to work. It is a place where purpose, proposition, performance, partnership, and people are at the core of what makes a good company great. (A shoutout to Pete Baxter, our Vice President of AMER Territory Sales, and his 5 Ps!)

Most people will be lucky to have one or two great mentors or leaders they’ve worked with in their professional careers. At Autodesk, there are too many to count – it really is a special place and not one to take for granted. There aren’t many companies like it out there … and judging by all our boomerangs or other former Autodeskers who are currently looking to return, that’s just a fact.

Interested in a sales career at Autodesk? View our current openings here.

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