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Now is a good time to start exploring the AU Virtual environment if you think you might like to attend. And while you are there, use this opportunity to vote for your favorite AU 2010 YouTube Contest video (details below).

Remember that all AU 2010 Las Vegas attendees are automatically registered for an AU Virtual Premier Pass, which gives them full access to all of this year’s AU Virtual offerings. Others have a choice of registering for an AU Standard Pass for FREE, or an AU Premier Pass for just $139!

Try Out the AU Virtual Environment Now, Upgrade Later

If you want to try out the AU Virtual environment, you can register now for a Standard Pass, and upgrade later to the Premier level, which gives you access to all of the virtual classes and product clinics being offered.

View the AU Virtual Orientation Video

clip_image002Once you are registered for AU Virtual, start with a tour of the AU Virtual interface by host Danny Gladfelter. Danny provides a quick roadmap of the most important things you will need to know to navigate around AU Virtual.

Set Up Your Preferences

Customize your AU Virtual settings, such as your chat language and contacts list, and select your areas of interest to optimize AU Virtual content recommendations.

Build Your Class Schedule

Attendance at virtual classes and product clinics is unlimited, so you don’t need to reserve a space. You may want to add reminders to your calendar to build a schedule for yourself.

It’s easiest to review the class schedule from the website, so sign in to AU and click AU Virtual 2010 in the left navigation. Then click Class Catalog if you are registered for a Premier pass or Standard Pass Classes if you are registered for a Standard (free) pass. Read the descriptions and make a note of the class ID and track for each class you want to attend.

Then, click Enter AU Virtual. At the bottom of the page, click Virtual Classes. You’ll see the various tracks. Click the track you’re interested in and locate the class you want to attend. Click the Calendar icon to add a reminder to your calendar. (This works with any calendar that supports .ics files.) Repeat the process for each class. You can also click the Plus icon to add a bookmark to the class to My Tracks.

AU Virtual classes and product clinics include live Q&A, so spend some time preparing for questions you might want to ask the speaker.

Vote for Your Favorite AU 2010 YouTube Contest Video

Vote now for your favorite “video responses” to last year’s video “Why Attend AU?”. Vote for as many as you like, but only once for each video.

To vote:

1. From the AU Virtual lobby, click the AU 2010 YouTube Contest sign to enter the YouTube Lounge.

2. Click the View and Vote sign on the large TV screen inside the lounge.

3. View and vote on this year’s submissions no later than October 22, 2010.

On October 23, 2010, the three (3) videos that have received the most “Like” responses will be declared the winners of an AU 2010 Las Vegas 3-Day, All-Inclusive Pass.

Try Out the Video Interface

During AU Virtual, you will also have access to:

  • Engaging keynotes and technical presentations
  • Virtual Exhibit Halls, where you can chat with experts and download content to your virtual briefcase
  • Industry news and interviews

Use the Keynotes jump link to enter the Keynotes Auditorium now and try out videos from last year’s AU conference.

Join Informal Hallway Conversations Starting Today

To participate in the “virtual hallway” conversation, look for the Chat and Public Chat icons at the bottom of the window.



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