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Everybody loves a winner. After 4 weeks of grueling head to head competition, 1 team stands alone atop AU’s Tournament of Topics. Unbeatable from the outset? Maybe so. This year’s winner out-performed every challenger with smothering defense, formidable offense, and a devoted fan base.

Congratulations, Simulation!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.01.37 AM

On the road to the top, Simulation took down Game Design, Process Planning and Factory Layout, Sustainable Design, 3D Printing, and—in the final epic battle—Design Visualization to win with 67% of your votes. The AEC Division champion got off to a slow start but put up a great fight. But in the end, Simulation proved too strong a topic in the eyes of the AU community. After all, your voices gave rise to this year’s champion.

Predict. Test. Optimize. We’re looking at Simulation in a whole new light. And we’ll keep this in mind when we’re selecting this year’s classes. Speaking of which, we have another exciting announcement today:

AU Las Vegas 2016 Call for Proposals is now open!

We hope you’ve been thinking about your class proposals, because we’re like kids in a candy store over here—we’re so excited to read them. Each year we’re overwhelmed by the CFP response and we’re sure this year will be no exception. Tomorrow we’ll be posting some tips on how you can make your proposal stand out from the crowd to give you the best shot at being selected. Until then, head to the CFP page to read up on why you (yes, you) should speak at AU and what we’re looking for this year.

We’re so excited to get those proposals that we’re hosting an early bird contest this year. Anyone who submits a proposal before 9 a.m., Pacific time, on May 11 will be entered to win a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card, VIP tour of the Autodesk Gallery (if you ever happen to be in San Francisco), and some AU swag. What are you waiting for? Bone up on our topics for AU 2016 and submit now. The early bird gets the worm—or in your case, the cash.

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