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BIM 360 HQ Release Notes Archive

BIM 360 Administration Update – November 2017

Sijie Zhang
November 30, 2017

Unified Project Administration

BIM 360 now provides a more unified approach to project administration and project member management, which is easily accessible to both Account Admins and Project Admins.

The newly redesigned Project Members page displays which next generation (next gen) modules (Document Management, Field Management, and Model Coordination) and classic apps (BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Glue, and BIM 360 Plan) each project member can access. Account and Project Admins can now add and manage next gen service members and admins on this page.

The new “Manage Classic Apps” menu provides access to Project Admin for the classic apps, from which member access to these services may be managed.

Role-based Default Access

When adding or editing project members, admins can assign a project role, such as Architect or Superintendent. This role sets the members default access level for each next gen service module. Admins may accept these defaults, or change them by clicking the access level icons.

Simplified Project Management for Account Admins

Account Admins can manage project members for next generation modules without having to first add themselves to the project as a Project Admin.

Automatic Project Activation for existing Account Members

When adding a project member from the Add Members page in Project Admin, if that person is already a member of the account, they will now be auto-activated. Members can immediately access their projects without having to find the invitation email or click a link to activate.

Unified Administration Activity Log

Account Admins can now see account and project level management activities in one consolidated admin activity log. For example, when an Account or Project Admin adds, edits, or removes a project member, that activity is logged.

Unified Project Admin Access

As part of the unified project administration for the growing set of BIM 360 modules, now next generation Project Admins can view and edit access to all next gen service modules. Project admins can also access the project services page, where they can activate services which are enabled for your account.

IMPORTANT: In order to streamline project administration for the growing set of BIM 360 modules, we have provided next gen Project Admins with the ability to view and edit project member access to all next gen service modules. They can also access the project services page, where they can activate project services which are enabled for your account. Please note that this is a more open and unified approach to Project Administration. If you are concerned about this more open approach, we recommend that you notify your next gen Project Admins about their expected behavior and also review the Account Administration Activity log.

Sijie Zhang

Sijie is a Product Manager for BIM 360 HQ/Administration at Autodesk. Before joining Autodesk, Sijie worked as a Research Engineer, Technical Safety Engineer, and R&D Program Manager at Chevron, where she worked with multiple stakeholders and developed and deployed technology initiatives. She led research and development projects for advanced visualization for construction and automated design review to support major capital project designs and executions. Sijie received her PhD in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2014 and her research area includes BIM, VDC, Construction Safety, Rule-Checking, and Semantic Data Modeling.