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BIM 360 Docs Release Notes Archive

The August 17, 2017 BIM 360 Docs update delivers highly-requested collaboration features, including:

  • Ability to edit existing markups
  • “Private” and “published’ options for increased control over markup visibility
  • New “highlight” markup tool and updated markup toolbar
  • Improved folder notification feature – now with the option to “subscribe” to a folder and its subfolders at the same time
  • Updated RFI workflow settings
  • Upload enhancements and usability improvements
  • New version (1.6) of the Android app, with the ability to create private and published markups as well as other RFI and markup improvements

Markup Editing, Visibility, and Control

In response to your feedback, we have updated the markup tools, including the ability to edit existing markups and control markup visibility.

Edit Markups:  Now you can edit existing markups (that you created).  To edit a markup, select the markup from the markup panel and choose “edit” from the menu.  Use the markup tools to change the size, shape, color, to add additional details, and select “done.”  Your changes will be immediately saved and the changes are tracked in the Activity Log.

Visibility Control:  Until now, all users with “view” permission could create markups that were viewed by all users.  To provide you with more control over who can publish markups to the entire team (while maintaining the ability for all users to create markups for their own use), we have updated the markup feature to support the creation of both “private” (can only be seen by the individual user) and “published” (can be seen by all users) markups.  All users with View permission (or higher) can create “private” markups, while users with “edit” permission (and above) can publish markups to be seen by everyone.

By default, markups are “private” but can be changed to “published” (if the user has edit or above permission) in the markup toolbar (while creating the markup) or in the markup panel (after the markup is created).

2017 August A Markup Menu.jpg

Updated terminology:  In response to user feedback and to accommodate the new editing and publishing control settings, we have updated the terminology for managing markups.  

  • Before this release, markups had a status (open or closed), and open markups would automatically carry over to the next version (automatic slip-sheeting). Closed markups would continue to display on the “closed” version and would not display on subsequent versions.
  • In this release, we have maintained the critical “automatic slip sheeting” and carry over unresolved markups from one version to the next, but we have made some important usability changes.  You can now “archive” (instead of “close”) published markups and “delete” private markups.  In addition, if you “archive” a published markup, it will no longer display by default on that version (but you can choose to view it by selecting “show archive” in the markup panel).

New tool, new toolbar: We have added a “highlighter” tool with color and thickness options.  We have also updated the toolbar to include “undo” and “redo” controls for markup creation and editing.

2017 August A Highlight Tool.jpg

2017 New Markup Toolbar.jpg

Improved Notifications for Folder (and Subfolder) Activity

Now when you subscribe to a folder, you have the option to subscribe to its subfolders.  If you choose this setting, you will get notified whenever new files are uploaded to the folder or its subfolders.  If a subfolder is added later, it will inherit the subscription setting, ensuring that you are notified of any important changes.

2017 August A Folder Subcription.jpg

RFI Workflow Setup

We have updated the RFI workflow setup by changing the workflow “roles” to reflect the workflow actions, such as “Creator” and “Reviewer” instead of “Subcontractor” and “Architect.”  This usability improvement, based on your feedback, does not impact the workflow itself or any previous settings.  You can still assign any user, role, or company to each workflow step.

2017 August A Updated RFI Workflow Labels.jpg

2017 August A RFI Setup 2.jpg

New Upload User Experience – “Project Files” Folders

In April, we updated the upload process and user experience for “Plans” folders.  In this release, we have updated the upload user experience for “Project Files” folders.  As before, you can choose multiple files to upload at once, and the confirmation dialog looks like this:

2017 August A New Upload for Project Files 1.jpg

Once you select “continue” the files will upload.  You can still see the progress in the thumbnail view as well as in the Publish Log.

2017 August A New Upload for Project Files 3.jpg

2017 August A New Upload for Project Files 2.jpg

Version 1.6 for Android

The latest version of the Android app includes:

■ Support for viewing and creating private and published Markups.
■ Create issues on a project-level.
■ View a project-level RFI list and details.
■ View Issues and Markups in Project files.

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Joan Allen

Joan leads product management for BIM 360 Docs. Joan is a registered Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in construction management and technology for the AEC industry. Since joining Autodesk, she has focused on delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions for connecting AEC project teams and improving project delivery workflows, including Autodesk BIM 360 Glue and Autodesk Buzzsaw.


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  1. Avatars.odwyer



    FYI. I am having issues with the measuring tool. It wont let me calibrate the dimensioning tool.

    This is also happening on a360

  2. Avatarjoan.allen



    Hi CJ – 

    Thanks for the feedback.  We will be releasing a new version of the iOS app very soon, and it will be updated with the private / published terminology and functionality.  In the meantime, the iOS app is working as you experienced – it respects the new settings / permissions so that someone with “view” permission cannot create a “published” markup.

    Best Regards,

    Joan Allen

    Autodesk BIM 360

  3. Avatarcjcook



    As I am working through markups a few things have come up in testing:

    • If I create a markup in the iPad app and I have “Edit” or higher permission it is automatically added as publish status. The problem with this is that now everyone will see it as they have in the past but I do not have the ability to delete the markup once it is published I only have the ability to “archive” it. I am sure this is probably on the road map to update in the app release. 
    • When I create a markup in with View Only permission from the app it will automatically mark it as “Private” on the web. 
    • Obviously there is no way of choosing which whether to create a “private” or “public” markup from the Ipad App I assume we will look forward to this in future app release similar to Android release listed above. 
    • When I have view + Upload + edit permissions and try to create a markup on a locked file it does not allow me to make the markup. Instead of sending an error message describing this I simply get a “Failed to Save” error message. This leads me to believe that the software his having a problem. Is it possible to make the message say something to the affect of “This file has been locked by John Doe and you are unable to create markups on a locked file” or just disable the markup button all together on locked files. 
    • Would it make sense to allow private markups on locked Documents?

    Just some thoughts and feedback based on my initial review. I think the private vs publish is going to be a great help to many project teams. 

  4. Avatarjoan.allen



    Hi CJ – yes, the feature supports download of published markups.  We are considering adding private markups in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Joan Allen

    Autodesk BIM 360

  5. Avatarcjcook



    It appears from my limited testing that private markups cannot be downloaded only public. Is this correct? 


  6. AvatarChad-Smith



    Wow, what a solid update. Smiley Very Happy

    I’m also happy some of that terminology was improved.

  7. AvatarAndrewWoods.PT.BMan



    Great to see further developments – I especially like the Subscribe to All Sub Folders option

    Keep up the great work.