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BIM 360 Docs Release Notes Archive

BIM 360 Docs Update – January 27, 2017

Joan Allen
January 27, 2017

The latest version of BIM 360 Docs includes updates to the Android and iOS apps as well as improved collaboration capabilities and usability.

Mobile App Updates

Android – The latest version of the Docs Android app (V 1.1.0) includes the ability to create markups and provides access to project issue activity and history.

View Issue Details.jpg

iOS – the latest version of the Docs iOS app (V1.11) provides the ability to view RFI’s created on Docs web.

iOS RFI View.jpg

iOS Thumbnail with RFI.jpg

Folder-level hyperlinking – Docs Web

Now you can navigate directly from a project notification email (folder subscription, Issue notification, etc.) to the specific folder containing the related document(s). 

Folder Hyperlinking.jpg

Activity Log Enhancements

We have improved the Activity Log with folder hyperlink navigation and improved tracking.  Now Project Admins can navigate directly from a folder name in the Activity Log to the folder in the document library.   In addition, we have added activity tracking when document attributes are edited or changed, providing a more complete audit trail for documents.

Activity Log Improvements.jpg

Issue and RFI Pushpin Improvements

In response to feedback from customers, we have improved the usability for placing Issue and RFI pushpins by providing a hint at the top of the viewer.

RFI and Issue ToolTip.jpg

Sample Project for 30-day trial users

For users that create a 30-day free trial, we now provide a Sample Project, with drawing, model, and other data, in addition to the trial project (“My Project”).

Sample Project Jan 2017.jpg

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Joan Allen

Joan leads product management for BIM 360 Docs. Joan is a registered Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in construction management and technology for the AEC industry. Since joining Autodesk, she has focused on delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions for connecting AEC project teams and improving project delivery workflows, including Autodesk BIM 360 Glue and Autodesk Buzzsaw.


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  1. AvatarBill.Knittle



    Awesome!!! That works!

  2. Avatarjoan.allen



    Hi Bill,

    Right now, you can notify the the engineer about the RFI (and ask him/her to respond) by using the @mention option in the “comments” section of the RFI, like this:

    RFI JAN A Highlighted.jpg

    This will automatically send an email notification to the user, and then they can add a response in the comments.

    We are gathering feedback on enhancements to the workflow, particularly regarding routing to consultants.  If you have any other feedback or suggestions, please let us know.

    Best Regards,


  3. AvatarBill.Knittle




    For now, what does the Docs Team recommend for the Architect to transition the RFI to the Engineer in the current workflows if it is an engineering clarification? I’m assuming that the Architect becomes the liaison and the RFI is not directly transition on to the engineer. In the same vein, what about a clarification for the owner/client to respond to? Does the G.C. or the Architect respond?

    To me, this is a similar workflow to the Lifecycle Definitions in Vault whereby, the document is going through State transitions. With Vault, we (the end-user) can define the number of States the document transitions through. After each transition the recipient of the document can switch the State depending on how the transitions are defined in the Lifecylce Definition. Are you considering a Vault-ish approach whereby the Project Admin can customize the workflow?

  4. Avatarjoan.allen



    Hi Bill – 

    Thanks for the feedback!  We are working on a number of enhancements to the RFI feature, including the ability to create/edit on the iOS app and the ability to click on the RFI in the log and edit the RFI directly.  We also intend to enhance the workflow setup, so stay tuned!

    Best Regards,


  5. AvatarBill.Knittle




    The post above was from me. I didn’t realize I was logged in as an alternate persona I created for testing the RFI feature. Kudos!!!

  6. Avatarmlab0583




    This is great stuff. Will there be the ability to create RFIs on the iPad app? If so, it would be nice to attach pictures and other files to the RFI. Also, when setting up the workflow, will it be possible to select a member within a company as the subcontractor, general, or architect? In its current incarnation, the whole company of members would get the email notification of the RFI. Keep up the good work.

    Also, add the ability to click on the RFI in the log, and have it open the document with the RFI pane expanded.