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BIM 360 Docs Release Notes Archive

The July 26, 2017 BIM 360 Docs update delivers important new capabilities and enhancements to support better project collaboration and document management.

For All Users:  Docs now provides improved PDF capabilities, including support for externally defined hyperlinks and page labels, as well as the ability to download PDF drawings with markups from the “Plans” folders.  In addition, you can now download the “source” files (such as a Revit file) uploaded to a “Plans” folder, and add issues to documents managed in the “Project Files” folders.  

Project Admins:  As part of the ongoing transition to the unified BIM 360 platform, Docs project administration is integrated with the new BIM 360 platform administration experience.  

Export markups: In May, we introduced the ability to download a published PDF drawing from the “Plans” folders.  In June, we added the ability to download multiple sheets as a multi-page PDF with the option to include the automatically-generated callout hyperlinks and any manually-added hyperlinks.  Now we have taken this a step further by providing the ability to download the markups with the PDF file. 

2017 July B Download Options.jpg

The downloaded markups are “annotations” on the PDF file, so when you open up your file in a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Acrobat), the markups are fully editable.  Here’s a look at the markups in Docs, and then corresponding PDF file as viewed on the desktop:

2017 July B Markups in Docs.jpg

Drawing with markups in BIM 360 Docs

2017 July B PDF with markupt.jpg

Downloaded PDF with markups

Download:  Now you can download the “source” files that were uploaded to the “Plans” folders.


2017 July B Download Source File.jpg

Improved PDF support:  Docs now supports the hyperlinks that were added to PDF drawings in native PDF editing software, including external hyperlinks and relative hyperlinks.  In addition, Docs now displays the externally-defined page labels for each sheet of a multi-page PDF.

Issues:  Now you can add issues documents in the “Project Files” folders (in addition to “Plans” folders). Similar to the experience for markups in the “Project Files” folders, selecting an issue from the Issues panel will navigate directly to the specific page (multi-page PDF) or view (3D model).

2017 July B Issues.jpg

Project Administration: Docs is now integrated with the unified BIM 360 platform project administration and account administration user experience.  When you select “Project Admin” from the menu, you will see a new Project Admin “Members” page.  From there, you can select “Manage” to add or edit project members.  To access the Activity Log, RFI configuration, or Advanced settings, select “Services” and then “Document Management.”

2017 July B Project Admin 1.jpg

2017 July B Activity Log.jpg

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Joan Allen

Joan leads product management for BIM 360 Docs. Joan is a registered Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in construction management and technology for the AEC industry. Since joining Autodesk, she has focused on delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions for connecting AEC project teams and improving project delivery workflows, including Autodesk BIM 360 Glue and Autodesk Buzzsaw.


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  1. Avatartony.stuart



    Hi Joan, I’m using next gen Doc Manager and when selecting Export the Export Settings appear, when I switch on the export published the markups don’t appear on the published pdf. Is it also possible to export unpublished markups?

    1. Joan AllenJoan Allen (Post author)



      Hi Tony,

      While the “export” does not currently export the “private” markups, you can use the “print” function in the viewer to create a PDF of the drawing with all markups (published and private) included.

      Best Regards,
      Joan Allen
      Autodesk BIM 360

  2. AvatarTerryBaylis7528



    It is great that you are now able to ‘Download Source’ the Revit File from the Plans section.  

    One thing that I think is missing in this part is that when you ‘Download Source’ the Revit File, if the Revit file was uploaded with linked files, the linked files do not get downloaded with the source file.  So if transferring the Revit Files along with Linked Files between firms, you will still need to upload the file to the Project Files section as well as the Plans section if you want to get the benefits of the plans section.


    Terry Baylis

  3. Avatarcjcook



    Many of these items are really good additions. One that I am struggling with is understanding is the support for relative path hyperlinks. Many project use pdf writers to support their hyperlinking process and hyperlink RFI’s, Product Data and Specs to the drawings that are applicable. These supplemental documents are stored in other folders on their server or desktop. When utilizing these hyperlinks with Field they work great. I can very simply upload the entire file structure to field and all of the relative hyperlinks are honored and maintained. With docs this is not the case. Here are some of the challenges I am running into. 

    • Docs cannot upload folder structures. It requires I create the folders one by one. 
    • Docs has two distinct sections. “Plans” and Project Files” I want my plans in the plans section and my product data, and specs in the project files section. This in effect breaks any relative hyperlinks. 
    • While hyperlinks from page to page within the document and any relative paths within the same folder but to different files worked during my testing, but links referencing another folder within the project files section do not.

    These problems will require project teams to maintain marked up a set in the plans section and a hyperlinked set in the project files section, but since you cant add hyperlinks in the project files section you will have to use a pdf writer to create the hyperlinks prior to uploading.  I will need the team to keep the markups on the plans in the plans folder because I can download those pdf’s with markups, but I will need to make sure that my team doesnt actually mistakenly add a markup to a pdf created from the Revit file because I cant download that. Then once I have all of the markups on the files in the plans sections I can download those with the markups and since autodesk was kind enough to allow me to edit those markups I can scrape those markups off and add then add them to the hyperlinked set I was keeping in the “Project files” section.

    I dont see this being very successful in practice. Many of these feature sets I’m sure will be extended in the future to the “Project Files” and pdfs created from 3D PDF but it currently can be confusing when trying to work through the appropriate workflows to have all of these contingencies to have to train around. 

  4. AvatarAndy_Leek



    Excellent Progress!

  5. Avatarh.guerbuez9FZ4A



    Can i create also issues by ifc-Files (3d-Model)?

    Thx a lot!

  6. Avatarmark.morleyWYS6S



    When you open PDF document there is nowhere that shows how many pages are in that document unless you click on the sheets symbol. I keep getting people telling me they didn’t see the second page of a document because they didn’t realise it was there. Can you add a section at the bottom of the page that appears by default saying page 1/5 as used in offline PDF viewers, along with up/down arrows that allow you to flick through the pages?