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BIM 360 Docs Release Notes Archive

BIM 360 now provides a more unified approach to project administration and member management, which is easily accessible to both Account Admins and Project Admins.  This unified experience includes the following improvements and capabilities:

  • New, more powerful Project Members page
  • Auto-activation of project membership for existing Account members 
  • Role-based default access 
  • Simplified project management for Account Admins 
  • Unified Administration Activity Log

New, more powerful Project Members Page  

The redesigned Project Members page displays which next generation modules (Document Management, Field Management [beta], and Model Coordination [beta]) each project member can access.  Account and Project Admins can now add and manage next gen module members and project admins directly from this page. 

Access and navigation to Project Admin has not changed – but the experience for managing members is greatly improved.  

  • In Docs, click the Module Selector > Project Admin.
  • Click Members

Here is what Project Admin looks like if you have only Document Management activated for your project:

unifed admin 4.jpg

And here is what it looks like if you have other modules activated for your project: 

Unified Admin 2.jpg 

Auto-activation of project membership for existing Account members

When adding a project member from the Add Members page in Project Admin, if that person is already a member of the account, they will now be auto-activated.  These users can immediately access their projects without having to find the invitation email or click a link to activate.

Role-based default access  
When adding or editing project members, admins can assign a project role, such as Architect or Superintendent. This role will set the members default access level for each next generation service module (Document Management, Field Management, and Model Coordination)

NOTE: Roles do not automatically determine a user’s access level to folders and documents.  The folder permission model for Document Management remains unchanged.

Unifed Admin 3.jpg

Simplified project management for Account Admins 

Account Admins can manage project member access to next generation modules without having to first add themselves to the project as a Project Admin.

Unified Administration Activity Log

Account Admins can now see account and project level administration management activities in one consolidated admin activity log. For example, when an Account or Project Admin adds, edits, or removes a project member, that activity is logged.  All other project activities (uploads, markups, etc.) in BIM 360 Document Management continue to be tracked in the project-level Activity Log available to Project Admins.

A note about unified Project Admin access: Now next generation Project Admins can view and edit access to all next gen service modules. They can also access the project services page, where they can activate services which are enabled for your account. Please note that this is a more open and unified approach to Project AdministrationWe recommend that you discuss this with your account administrator to ensure you’re aligned on this new approach going forward.

Learn more in BIM 360 help: 

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Joan Allen

Joan leads product management for BIM 360 Docs. Joan is a registered Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience in construction management and technology for the AEC industry. Since joining Autodesk, she has focused on delivering innovative, cloud-based solutions for connecting AEC project teams and improving project delivery workflows, including Autodesk BIM 360 Glue and Autodesk Buzzsaw.


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  1. Avatarmolamphyd




    So when you designed what default group does the “Virtual Design and Construction” Group / Team go into of the standard groups?

    I know that each company has a different twist / naming convention of BIM Team, VDC, Virtual Construction, and etc.

    But would be great how it was designed / where this important group should go.

  2. Avatarjoan.allen



    Also, there was a question about the ability to add companies when adding a member to the project.  This is not currently available, but we plan to add this in an upcoming release.  

    Best Regards,

    Joan Allen

    Autodesk BIM 360

  3. Avatarjoan.allen



    There are several questions about project roles and access levels, so I’ll try to summarize here:

    Here is a list of the default roles available in BIM 360 today:


    Construction Manager



    Document Manager







    Project Engineer

    Project Manager




    At the ACCOUNT level, you can assign one DEFAULT role for each member of the account.  This is optional.

    At the PROJECT level, you can assign one or more roles to a project member.  When you add a member to your project that has a default role assigned at the account level, that role will be pre-populated (but you can change that at the project level).  

    At the PROJECT level, certain roles have pre-configured settings to make it easier to set up your project.  For Document Management, the following roles are automatically set as Project Admins:  Document Manager, IT, and Superintendent.  You can easily change this by clicking on the Project Admin indicator in the member list.

    How ROLES work with Permissions in Document Management:  Project Admins have complete access to all project documents and data.  All other users can be granted access to folders.  This access can be granted on a user (member name), role, or company basis.  Roles are a great way to streamline your project setup (for example, give “view” access to a particular folder for all members with the role “subcontractor.”  Then, when you add project members and assign them the role of “subcontractor,” all of those members will have “view” access to that folder.  You don’t have to bother adding them individually to the folder, as the role-based permission setting handles that for you.

    I hope that this clarifies the role of “roles” in BIM 360.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best Regards,

    Joan Allen

    Autodesk BIM 360

  4. Avatarspaneru



    @ed.bellman_danis I also wants to know, how role based access permissions work. It’s a great question in my mind !!!

  5. Avatared.bellman_danis



    One more comment/question.

    @joan.allen Is there a matrix published somewhere outlining these “role-based default access” permissions?  For example, I’ve noticed that the Executive role automatically grants Insight permission and the Docs documentation notes “…a Superintendent is granted Admin rights and access to all services (Document Management, Field Management, and Model Coordination).” but full documentation of this seems to be missing, or at least I can’t find it.

    Thanks, Ed

  6. Avatared.bellman_danis



    Follow up to my comment above, a workaround for the moment seems to be to add the company or new user first through Field (assuming you have the box checked to allow PA’s to add partner companies), this adds them to HQ, and then they are available to be invited in Docs.  Certainly not ideal, especially if you don’t want to invite the user to Field at that point, but it is the only solution we’ve found so far short of having the Account Admin add the company/user in HQ.

  7. Avatared.bellman_danis



    VDC more important than IT, come on now…. says the IT guy.

    Serious question though for @joan.allen, I don’t use Docs as an end-user really but did this update remove the ability for Docs Project Admins to create new companies and invite members not already in HQ?  PA’s can do these things in Field and Glue, why not Docs?

    I get there is a transition happening right now and we’ll probably (hopefully) find out more next week at AU but this seems like a pretty big step backward if true and not a temporary bug or side effect.

  8. Avatarmolamphyd



    Is there plans to deploy the role of “VDC” or “Virtual Design and Construction” this year?  That has been floated out there a long time and probably more important than a scheduler, Information Technology, and etc?

  9. Avatarspaneru



    Fore roles like Project Manager, Owner, Superintendent etc. what kind of permission is given ? If I want to change default is there any way ? Thanks .  

  10. AvatarTerryBaylis7528



    This is a great update and one that I have been waiting for.  I believe that with the new Auto-Activated project invitations, this will go a long way to members adopting the software.

    Thanks again for this update.