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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

We’re happy to invite you to take the following on-demand BIM 360 Field courses. You can watch the course videos at your own pace, and take the quiz to recap what you’ve learned!  Click the course title links below and register for FREE to get started!

Currently available:



BIM 360 Field Project Administration course

This on-demand online course will steer you through the key steps for a successful start to your BIM 360 Field project. The course includes the BIM 360 Field Execution Plan, a downloadable practical guide to project planning and setup. At your convenience, review and complete this plan in combination with taking the online admin course.  

BIM 360 Field Project Set Up course

This course will guide you and your team through the steps required to complete inspections, by setting up tailored checklists and issues, working on the mobile app, and more! 

BIM 360 Field Working with Equipment course

Learn how to setup equipment properties and types, equipment tracking, adding equipment records, attaching checklists to equipment and more!

BIM 360 Field Issue Tracking course

Learn how to track issues in BIM 360 Field on the web and with your iPad. 

BIM 360 Field On-boarding Videos

Getting started with Field? Adding new users and need help showing how it works?  In addition to the Learn Panel, we’ve recently added on-boarding video tutorials to help you and your team get started with Field. These videos are tailored to the specific needs of the user, so a Project Administrator will see different videos than a regular project member. As new Project Admins get started, these just in time videos will surface to guide them to the next steps as they set up a project. Project members will see videos to help them get started with issues, checklists, and more!  

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