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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Mobile release version 4.14

Krystian Macek
September 12, 2016

Mobile release version 4.14

Our latest release of BIM 360 Field for iPad version 4.14 compliments the most recent Daily Update enhancements, which were released for Field web.  The new release includes:

  • Daily Update view permissions: view your own, your company, all
  • Daily Update subcontractor access
  • Access project wide Daily Update General Notes template
  • Attach library documents to Daily Updates
  • Copy previous entries Daily Update labor activities
  • Based on new permission, project admins can close issues regardless of issue company, role or author

New Daily Update Viewing Permissions: None, My Own, My Company, All

The new enhancements to Daily Updates viewing permissions enable project administrators to control the daily updates records users are able to view.

New permissions include:

None:  user cannot see any daily updates

My Own: users can only see Daily Updates, which they authored

My Company: user can only see Daily Updates created by members of their company

All: user will see all Daily Update records on the entire project

Daily Update Permissions.jpg

The updated calendar view shows total count of all daily updates for each day of the month where an entry exists.  Clicking on a specific date will open up a list of all Daily Updates for that date, which match users viewing permissions.

Access to all Daily Update entries.PNG

Daily Updates subcontractor access

Continuing on the recent enhancements to the Daily Updates module, we are expending Daily Updates access on construction sites to subcontractors. At this time, subcontractors can only see Daily Update entries created by them and not by other members on the project.  To enable this feature, project administrators can go to:

Project Admins > Permissions > Subcontractor settings > Can access daily updates

Subcontractor DU permission.jpg

Daily Updates template for General Notes section

Project administrators can now create a light weight Daily Update general notes template to guide the user through different types of information they would like to capture.  The template will be applied to all new Daily Update entries.  To create a general notes template, sing in as a project administrator and go to:

Project Admins > Details > Daily Update and General Notes Template

General notes template.jpg

General Notes Template.PNG

Daily Updates – copy labor activities from previous entries

Filling out Daily Update labor activities just got easier.  In addition to being able to copy previous labor entries including number of workers and hours, Field users can now copy labor activities for selected companies.

Copy Labor Activities.png


New Issue closing permission for project administrators

New permission allows project admins to close issues regardless of which company, role and author created the issue, giving you complete administrative permissions for closing issues.

Issue closing permission for Project Admins.jpg

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  1. Avatarkrystian.macek



    @lcollier  Thank you for your feedback.  Please submit your enhancement ideas to BIM 360 Idea Station so they can be tracked accordingly.

    Krystian Macek

    BIM 360 Field Product Manager

  2. Avatarlcollier



    I need to be able to sort photos in certain areas not just at end, and I need to be able to fomat custom adds.  I can only do 60% of what my field guys are doing now for daily.  SAMPLE_Daily Page 001.jpgSAMPLE_Daily Page 002.jpgSAMPLE_Daily Page 003.jpg

  3. Avatarderek_geyer_bbesl_com



    Agree with lcollier, if we are asking users to identify key items then these should be bold and underlined with all other text standard and not underlined.

    Derek Geyer

    Quality Engineer

  4. Avatarlcollier



    With the General Notes

    It would be nice to be able to do Text formatting on the Template.  It would also be pretty effective to be able to add check boxes or other Form type Yes, No, Descriptions.

    Or be able to center or left justify.

  5. Avatarkrystian.macek



    @sam_cook_skanska_co_uk We have not seen other reports of the behavior you describe.  Please log submit a support case so that this issue can be further investigated.

    Krystian Macek

    BIM 360 Field Product Manager

  6. Avatarsam_cook_skanska_co_uk



    Since downloading this update a colleague using the APP is now unable to even add or view site diaries on his ipad? 

    Do you know why this would be? it seems to be a user profile issue as when changing IPADs the issue is still present. No user settings have been changed since the update and was working perfectly previously.