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BIM 360 Field Release Notes Archive

Mobile release version 4.18 – Related Issues, Tasks, Equipment and Dutch support

Krystian Macek
February 16, 2017

Link groups of Issues or Tasks or Equipment

The new linking feature allows you to create an association between two or more issues, tasks, or equipment to help you bring visibility and track progress across multiple items.


Here are a few examples of how you can use this on your projects:

1. Patch drywall, followed by paint, is tracked by two separate issues assigned to drywall and a painting subcontractors.  Patch drywall issue 0035 and Paint wall issue 0034 exist in Field.  Project admin can now link both issues together:


  1. Go to issues list
  2. Select both issues
  3. Click More Actions
  4. Click Link Issues menu item


View related issues and their status:Related_Issue.jpg

Link Related Equipment or Tasks

This linking functionality also applies to the Equipment and Tasks modules.  Project users with access to equipment can now link two or more equipment records together to help monitor the progress of related equipment.  Linking multiple tasks to one another is also now a reality.

Link related equipment or tasks together:Link related equipment items.png

View related equipment items on Field mobile:

Related equipment view list.PNG

Dutch language support

In an effort to support our expanding user base, Field is now available in Dutch.

What’s next?

  • Standard subcontractor role
    • Ability for subs to create checklists
    • Access equipment
    • Ability to create project issues


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